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The Synthesize Evaluation Of Method's Research On Jixi MRSD

Posted on:2003-10-22Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J X ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360092970377Subject:Mining engineering
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The national economic sustainable development,especially the problem of mineral regional sustainable development (MRSD)needs urgent resolve and research of important problem.It is the main purpose about this thesis to research MRSD;The author established the evaluation system index about mineral regional sustainable development(MRSD),which is made of four statures systems:the economy,the society,the resources and the environment. The thesis made use of the index system to evaluate and analyze the jixi's MRSD respectively from three aspects:ability of sustainable development,coordination and situation about developing .Ability of sustainable development primarily use the ability index number. At the same time to cognite deep the sake and opportunity in the process of development,the author made use of "property-liability" to measure further the mineral region's development .Evaluation about coordination primarily measired two aspects:coordination of index in one's son system,coordination of son systems. The author adopted the effect codfficient method and loading model established in coordination evaluation .In situation analysis of MRSD,the author adopted Z-score method to make the index become the same and used the main composition analysis method to certain index power,used the number to compute .Estimation future development of MRSD is important contents in the thesis,the author adopted the gray estimate polynomial the estimate index number and logarithms estimate etc different method to estimate development trended of MRSD .As the result,the author finded out the fittest estimate modelin the thesis--polynomial the estimate model.The thesis established evaluation index of MRSD,and it's theories andmodel,which has the important theories meaning and actual meaning toresearch our country's MRSD.
Keywords/Search Tags:MRED, synthesize evaluation's method, "property-liability" method, ability index, system's coordination
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