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Research In The Basic Theory Of The Effective Countermeasures Of Rencai Development

Posted on:2003-12-07Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J D HeFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360092980951Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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Rencai(pronunciation in Chinese) mentioned in this thesis means the man who acquired creative achievements having social value and the achievements being considered. Rencai resources means the resources forming based on rencai.The thesis studied on the development and countermeasures of rencai resources systematically and originally. The thesis acquired achievements in six aspects.Firstly, the thesis thought what the development of systems needed was the function of rencai resources, especially their practical functions, appointed the Land effect of individual respondence and the phenomena of the sensitivity of entyopy and wave filter in the course of usage of rencai, the float phenomena of really creative ability, the mutual interference phenomena in the course of the functions of rencai resources forming.Secondly, the thesis analysed and appointed the limitations of the view of the best age of creativity, the creating practice-creative achievements-corresponding admittance course of talented persons forming, three scales and the relativism and conditionality of their value, the quality of chart, territory and conformity of the functions of rencai resources.Thirdly, the thesis put forward the conceptions of respondence, environment field, adjustment field and characteristic of respondence, three inner links of respondence,the respondence shell hypothesis of individual respondence,four-dimension characters of environment field functions, doubles curve hypothesis of really creative ability changing, function field hypothesis of rencai resources and three-dimensional system of rencai resources functions.Fourthly, the thesis put forward individual action model and individual growing up repeated-generation model,also drawing support from the action model,illustrated four ways to control individual action ,using the repeated-generation model.explained the branching-off phenomena important functions of opportunities and non-forecasted character of the long-term individual development.Fifthly, the thesis put forward the principle of rencai resources development, put forward the necessity of rencai resources developing rationally and the ways to realize rencai rationally and effective countermeasures on the base of deeply analysing the limitations of reliable and economic development.Sixthly, the thesis put forward the principle of the countermeasures of rencai resources development, the target of effective countermeasures and the optimum seeking equation and the general model of effective countermeasures on the base of systematically researching and analysing the whole course of rencai resources development countermeasures.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rencai Action, Function, Development, Value, Countermeasure, Tactics
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