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Legal Intervention Of Soliciting Prostitution And Related Behavior

Posted on:2015-01-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In porn illegal crime in scale and organization of today, the tactics behavior as sex trafficking illegal and criminal behavior part, form diverse. From traditional street soliciting the tactics to issuing the tactics, the tactics to adapt to the age of the Internet network, form innovation.In this paper, the first section reviews about the tactics behavior of related legislation, behavior characteristics analysis of soliciting the tactics. On the analysis of the characteristics of traditional soliciting the tactics at the same time, the comparative analysis of soliciting the tactics behavior and the behavior of prostitution distinction, soliciting the tactics behavior and introduce the difference between prostitution. By analyzing and comparing the related behavior in the main body, object, objective performance, as well as the similarities and differences of correct definition to distinguish soliciting the tactics and similar behavior.The tactics for network as well as a kind of a trend of intensified and the particularity of this kind of behavior in space, and the law on public security administration punishments of soliciting the tactics there is conflict. Soliciting the tactics of space is a real space, network the tactics of the site is a virtual space. On legislation, in the real space of soliciting the tactics to make the rules, laws applicable to network the tactics behavior is inconvenient. Network the tactics and the dangers of soliciting the tactics. This section through the analysis of network were discussed the tactics of related issues, seek legal interpretation of the channels to solve the conflict between the two.the tactics the rise of illegal and criminal behavior and operating model, analysis of the dangers of network, the tactics and the cause of the rise. In order to obtain high illegal interests, avoid strike, and a network of virtual sex and forensics difficulties, network, the tactics are rampant. Through the analysis of soliciting the tactics occur space, discusses the legal definition of public places, explore the crack network the tactics and soliciting the tactics level of punishing in public order management conflict. Because the network operation pattern and form different tactics, in combination with case, on the basis of further analysis of all kinds of network, the tactics behavior may involve related criminal responsibility, and explore the tactics of the relevant network and the protective measures.By issuing the tactics is like advertising, and soliciting the tactics have the same purpose, belong to the behavior of the tactics. Soliciting the tactics of issuing the tactics of the illegal identification problems related. In the aspect of public security law belongs to legal or illegal, belong to the act of disrupting public order or introduce prostitution, there are difficulties.In criminal level, due to the different way of performance, belong to introduce or assist in organizing prostitution, prostitution to discuss analysis. The third section will combine case analysis of the operation mode of issuing the tactics illegal crime and the cause of the rise. In combination with the practical case on the basis of analyzing the behavior of illegality, the security level of illegal and criminal level analysis of the difference between the behavior and related behavior. Through analysis the behavior of the criminal that has the characteristics of the property.
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