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Water Investment Assessment Theory And Methodology And Its Application

Posted on:2003-01-06Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360092980960Subject:Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering
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As the basic industrial, water industrial is significant to national economy. Water conservancy needs corresponding investment because of the basic position, development require of water conservancy and the demand to develop water economy according to the characteristic of water conservancy . Water conservancy's yield is composed of the social benefit and the economic benefit. It is not proper to overemphasizing the economic benefit or the social benefit, and which is the difference between the water project and some other general projects. So it is important to choose appropriate appraisal methods of water conservancy's yield.The dissertation on the whole can be divided into three parts. The first the part, basing on the analysis of water conservancy's investing process, by studying the evaluating theories foundation and the methodology of the water conservancy, giving attention to both sides of the social benefit and economic benefit, seven index system including two layers of the water conservancy' yield is designed.The second part, using the tools such as DEA, artificial nerve network, game theory and econometric model, respectively from four aspects, such as the water conservancy investing scale and performance, water conservancy investing construction and performance, water conservancy investing performance' decompose and influence of water conservancy investing on pulling of national economy, four models were set up to evaluating water conservancies performance.The third part, combining the data of the "ninth five years" water conservancy investment and corresponding national economy , using the IAHP, artificial nerve network, Game theory and econometric model, this article does an appraisal of the "ninth five years" water conservancy's yield from the four angles such as general yield of water conservancy, water conservancy's investing structure optimizing, water conservancy's yield decomposition and influence of water conservancy investing on pulling of national economy was studied in the dissertation.
Keywords/Search Tags:water conservancy invests, yield appraisal methods, artificial nerve network, game theory, econometric model
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