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Chen Yun's Research On Water Conservancy

Posted on:2018-10-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2356330518459687Subject:Chinese Communist Party
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China has been suffering from floods and droughts frequently since ancient times.Although natural disasters have brought great harm to the Chinese people,they have also created our national spirit of striving for self-improvement and perseverance.The disaster comes,the Communist Party of Chinese always taking people's interests first and led the people to overcome difficulties,to overcome the disaster.All these benefit from the scientific concept of "people oriented" by the Chinese Communist Party,and have led the people throughout the country to continuously explore the way of governing the country and peace,thus gaining the support and support of the masses.Chen Yun is a great proletarian revolutionary,politician and outstanding Marxist in China.He is one of the pioneers of China's socialist economic construction.After the founding of new China,Chen Yun was long-term in charge of economic work,during more than 40 years of working life,he creatively combined Marxist theory with China's concrete practice to form an economic ideological theory that is consistent with China's actual conditions.Chen Yun 's thought of water conservancy is an important part of Chen Yun' s thought,which is embodied in his thoughts of agriculture and has a far-reaching influence on the restoration of agricultural production and the construction of modern water conservancy.Mainly elaborating the water conservancy thought of Chen Yun from the formation,the main content,the characteristic and the historical function of Chen Yun's water conservancy thought as well as the contemporary revelation four aspects related content.The first part is about the formation of Chen Yun's thought of water conservancy.From early founding days of China,the essay elaborates such time conditions as flood and drought disasters,old water conservancy facilities,unreasonable government investment,and small-scale water conservancy facilities,large-scale construction of water conservancy facilities and other practical experience,and his thoughts mainly coming from the thought of water conservancy of Marx,Engels and Mao Zedong.This part mainly elaborates the formation of Chen Yun's thought of water conservancy from the three aspects.The main purpose is to clearly grasp the background of Chen Yun's thought of water conservancy.The second part is the main part of the article,and the main content is the main content of Chen Yun water thought.Water conservancy is a permanent cure,water is a basic and strategic resources,water conservancy construction not only to achieve production but also play a disaster reduction function;Water conservancy construction focus on the development and utilization of water resources,water conservation,prevention and control of water pollution,inter-basin water resources deployment and the depth of development and utilization;from the perspective ofeconomic and social development to develop water conservancy construction,water conservancy construction should be balanced within our capabilities and Coordinated with economic construction;water conservancy construction should be people-oriented,and it is related to the people's survival,and inseparable from the power of the masses.This part mainly elaborates the concrete content of Chen Yun's water conservancy thought from these four aspects.The third part is about the characteristic and historical function of Chen Yun's water conservancy thought.It is mainly divided into two parts: the features of water conservancy construction and the role of history,including the service of water conservancy,the reality of China's agricultural power and the combination of large and small water conservancy construction.The ability to resist floods and droughts greatly improved,and the construction of a large number of large-scale water conservancy projects promoted,guide the masses to build water conservancy movement and other historical role.The fourth part is the contemporary enlightenment of Chen Yun's water conservancy thought.We attach importance to the construction of water conservancy facilities,the water conservancy construction on the primary position of agricultural development is the primary significance of Chen Yun water ideas;Water conservancy construction is to achieve its long-term planning,optimize the allocation of resources,strengthen ecological civilization construction;in addition,strengthening the management of water conservancy construction is one of the important enlightenment Chen Yun water conservancy.
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