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Mechanism And Phenomenon Research On Enterprise Bionics

Posted on:2004-11-16Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:L Z WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360092992032Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Based on the theory of ecology, strategic research of enterprise growth includes two kinds of contents: one is the theory and practice of sustainable development, the other is the theory and practice of enterprise with viewpoint of bionics. Since 1990s, with the quickening of speed of technology innovation, the acute change of industry environment, the globalization of world economy and the diversification of customer requirements, research of enterprise growth through bionics has become the focus of management science. This dissertation studies the strategies of enterprise growth by the viewpoint of ecology and its purpose is to seek a new way of enterprise management by learning from the ecology system. In the theory of bionics, enterprise is looked as a zoetic system that is comparison of an organism. The various characters of organisms in ecology system are imitated into objects of enterprise. This subject is called enterprise bionics. According to level distinctness in bionics, enterprise bionics can be divided into two fields: mechanism bionics and phenomenon bionics. Mechanism bionics is to seek effective ways of survival and development of enterprise by operation mechanism in ecology system. It is not only researching on stability, adjusting functions of enterprise, but also analyses relationship between organism and environment as well as among different organisms. Phenomenon bionics researches on enterprise growth and development through the view of life circle, it compares the process of life between enterprise and organism. According to object dissimilarities in bionics, enterprise bionics can be divided into two kinds of individual enterprise bionics and colony enterprise bionics. Research content of individual enterprise bionics is that enterprise individual imitates various functions of organisms. Colony enterprise bionics focuses its research on enterprise population for analyzing and finding the relations and mechanisms among different units in economic system. According to the routes of research on enterprise bionics: from individual to population, and from mechanism to phenomenon, this dissertation will discuss and study several important aspects of enterprise bionics as follows:1. To research on the strategy of enterprise growth and development by viewpoint of individual bionics. It is important research contents in individual bionics to seek a new way of survival and development in the interior of enterprise and to probe the significance of enterprise life. During the process of enterprise individual growth, it is the key of enterprise management strategy to remain its survival and to seek its development. The aim of reformation is to adapt the change of environment. During the process of reformation, the methodical un-equilibrium state is the driving power of enterprise development. This dissertation has compared the departments of enterprise with the organs of human being. The aim of the analogy is not simply toclassify on their functions. But through finding out their comparability, the preserving human's health and the equilibrium theory of life is applied to survival and development of enterprise individual. Through comparison, this dissertation proposes the viewpoint of preserving enterprise's health, and discusses that enhances the capability of the survival and development of enterprise growth by the preserving enterprise's health in enterprise interior and exterior. 2. To study the growth strategy of enterprises community, and to discuss the relationship among enterprises and the relationship between enterprises and environment by the viewpoint of colony bionics. In the society economy system, the most important thing is not an enterprise unit, but is the relationship between different enterprise units. Enterprises and their environment compound a part of open and dynamic system of society ecology. Enterprise itself does not own all resources and technology for the requirements of its survival. Its development depends on the support from exterior resources. Enterpr...
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