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Analysis On NPO Developing Course And Affecting Factors Base On The Perspective Of Organization Life Circle

Posted on:2019-03-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330566987529Subject:Social work
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Compared with the abroad non-profit organizations,the development of Chinese non-profit organizations is relatively slow.Although it is developed late,it undergoes a quick development and near 80%of private social non-profit organizations have set up in the last 5 years.Alongside its quick development,various issues in the development are exposed,such as shortage of funds,poor capability of staff,weak internal management and so on.How to solve the issues in its operation and to boom a successful future are the major concerns to those orgaizations.The life-cycle approach for an organization divided the developmental stages of an organization and deem those whole stages as a life cycle.According to the approach,each organization will experience different developmental stages,entering into the next stage if they successfully passed the previous stage and if they failed to pass the previous stage,they may be sifted out.Knowing the life cycle,making sure which stage they are in and actively reacting to it are the key factors for organizations to boom themselves.According to the current development of China's non-profit organizations and the active influence of life-cycle approach to organizations,based on the approach,by appling case study,field investigation,interview,observation and literature survey as well as other methods,the passage studied a non-profit organization that has been operated for over 20 years that was used as the research object and entangled and generalized developmental stages where it experienced in its lifetime.The paper also respectively concluded the detailed characteristics in those stages and the key factors to its next stage,summarizing the general principle so as to play the role of being referred by other non-profit organizations.After study and research,a spiral rise or spiral descent trend can be founded in the life cycle of organizations,which means that organizations' inner and outer factors will drive organizations to step on the next developmental stage.In general,for star-ups,they should focus on the stability for their existence,applying the entrepreneurship management model in origination period.When in the developmental stage,organizations will experience quick development and they should be managed with a personal management model.It means the leadership should be emphasized.When in standardization stage,organizations shall perfect their inner management,managing the organizations with the professional management model.If the distinctive property was found in the standardization stage,new products will experience the second origination period.Organizations will meet their second prosperous by the reentering of the second life cycle.
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