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Research On The Optimization Of Public Service Facililies Layout In Urban Communities Based On The Life Circle Of The Aged Group

Posted on:2021-04-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z N XiaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330605955325Subject:Urban and rural planning and environmental design
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China's population aging process has accelerated significantly in recent years.As of the end of 2018,China's population aged 60 years and over accounted for 17.9%of the total population,and it has entered an aging society.The mainstream choice of the elderly care model in China is community and home care.The community bears the material carrier needed by the elderly group to live.It is the basic platform to realize community-home pension,and the improvement of community public service facilities can promote the realization of the goals of different levels of elderly care needs of the elderly group.The public service supply model based on the matching of supply and demand based on the principle of fairness and justice is the key to achieving effective community home care services and facility allocation.The domestic research literature on community home care services is mostly a top-down research system,usually dominated by the government or community.It is very rare to study how to configure the community home care service facility allocation system and incorporate it into public service facility systems at different levels in urban communities based on the elderly care needs and characteristics of the life circle.This research is based on this perspective:Based on the content and life cycle characteristics of the elderly group's old-age service needs,it analyzes the matching degree and causes of the non-spatial and spatial elements of the urban community old-age service's facility configuration content,and proposes supply-side improvements Suggest.Based on the elderly group's elderly care needs survey and life circle research,the community's public service facilities are taken as the object,and the facility content,spatial layout and elderly group's care are carried out from the aspects of the community public service facility's configuration status,economic accessibility and space-time accessibility Analysis of the coupling degree of demand matching and life circle.Based on the basic theory of effective supply of community old-age services,a theoretical analysis framework for the supply-demand matching of community-home public service facilities based on the life circle of elderly groups is constructed,and three typical cities of traditional neighborhood communities,newly-built commercial housing communities,and neighborhood unit communities are selected Conduct empirical research on community cases.The research reveals that the overall types of community public service facilities in Suzhou are relatively complete,but there is an imbalance between supply and demand in the scale;the commercial profitability of the facility is strong,the function of the pension service facility is single;the coverage of public service facilities is incomplete.Studies have shown that the allocation of public service facilities in urban communities should be hierarchical and hierarchical.The community has certain self-sufficiency,location and sharing,because the characteristics of the elderly community's demand for community public service facilities are mainly reflected in the difference in travel frequency and travel time.Corresponding to the differences in the characteristics of the life circle of the elderly group and the needs of the elderly,community public service facilities should be divided into three levels:self-sufficient life circle in the community,neighborhood life circle in the community,and city expansion life circle.In terms of the content and level of public service facilities allocation,it is also necessary to follow the principle of matching supply and demand.The government provides the most basic pension service content,and encourages the market and social forces to enter the community to provide free or paid services.At the same time,based on the research results,this study puts forward countermeasures and suggestions on how to improve the accessibility of community pension services,the matching of supply and demand of pension service contents,and the accessibility of the spatial layout of public service facilities.
Keywords/Search Tags:public service facilities, the aged group life circle, layout optimization, community-home care, Suzhou City
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