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The Theory On Combination Between Public Ownership And Market-oriented Economy

Posted on:2004-02-18Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360092993142Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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This article systematically and profoundly researches a opening world problem -the combination between public ownership and market-oriented economy, with the guidance of Marxism, Maozhedong idea, Dengxiaoping theory and "three delegates", and with the close linking of domestic and abroad practice and the author's experience. The preface, which is based on scientific summary and appraisal of socialist ideas, demonstrates the inner unity of the combination between public ownership and market-oriented economy, summarizes the key idea of this article, the structure of content and the method of research, and expounds the great significance on researching this problem. Then, there are four parts in this article to research on how to push on the combination between public ownership and market-oriented economy.The first part is the theory of combining basis, researching on persisting in the dominant position of public ownership. This part, which points at profound lesson on the history of international communist movement and ideological trend of domestic liberalization, systematically researches the problem on "why we should stick to" and "how to realize " the dominant position of public ownership. The article distinctly proposes and demonstrates that sticking to the dominant position of public ownership is the premise and basis to guarantee the efficient working of socialist market-oriented economy, and is the prerequisite condition to ensure the independent working of national economy and health development of private-owned economy. In order to understand and grasp the essence of dominant position of public ownership, we should scientifically carry out "three-dimensional analysis", adhere to "three rigid requirements" and "a flexibility", and deal with four dialectical relationships. In the case of propelling the regroup of state-owned economy, "seizing big" should ensure the dominant percentage of state-owned economy, while "releasing small" should adhere to some basic viewpoints on the end line of the key body of public ownership and so on.The second part is the theory of combining key, researching on how to bring forthnew ideas in the realizing form of public ownership. Traditional public ownership and market-oriented economy is contrary to each other. To realize the combination of public ownership and market-oriented economy, we must stick to the fundamental normalization of three benefits, and take a novel path to realize the form of China's characteristic public ownership. In the first place, we must develop multi-ownership economy that is the rational choice to China's economic system. Accordingly, we must give up some misunderstandings, such as the theory of mutual growth and decline, the theory of making good omissions and deficiencies and the theory of an expedient measure and so on, and maintain the trend of correct theoretical policy to promote health development. Secondly, we should make efforts to develop private economy. We should consistently maintain a strategic principle that private economy should account for a dominant percentage of county or district economy, middle and small enterprise. The strategic principle lead private economy to realize the development from simple individual ownership economy to multiple ownership economy, from extensive management to intensive management, from family administration to scientific administration, and from traditional geographic economy to international economy. At the same time, we should hasten to improve the quality of private economy. Thirdly, we should develop share economy steadily. Share economy in socialism that embody the real sense of civil own, civil autonomy and civil share, can realize the compatibility with market-oriented economy efficiently and is the first choice form to realize modern public ownership. Our country should take a step to adjust and complete the structure of share power, solve some problems by the combination of theory and practice, including the administration of share delegates, emphasis on collecting capitals, neglec...
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