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The Research Of Scheduling And Simulation Modeling Of Seaport Container Logistics System

Posted on:2003-07-27Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360092997559Subject:Mechanical design and theory
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Seaport container logistics system is a special system , which integrates kinds of container loading equipments traveling yard human resource and communication. Since seaport offers the least interruption and the most incretion of profit, it is playing more important role during the whole logistics process of transportation. With the rapidly development of container transportation in recent years, container terminal has been facing hard challenge. It is imminent for the seaport to exploit the furthest operation efficiency with feasible scheduling, so it is very significant to make a research on the scheduling of seaport container logistics system.According to the feature of seaport container logistics system, this dissertation makes research of scheduling and simulation modeling of the system as folio wings:In the first chapter, simulation modeling theory of discrete system and its development is summarized, the theoretical applications in logistics system are also presented. After analyzing the research situation of seaport container logistics system, the research topic is presented and the central content is also introduced.Chapter two gives the comparison research among evolution strategies genetic algorithm and simulated annealing algorithm. Aiming at the limitation of basic evolution strategies, a kind of growth mechanism-based evolution strategies and its realization are introduced.Chapter three presents the evolution strategies-based optimizing of seaport container logistics system, firstly the structure of chromosome is introduced, then a kind of hybrid mutation operation is used, the detail process of the optimizing method is also described, finally the traveling sequence optimization of the containers is introduced as an example to testify the feasibility of the new optimizing method.Modeling is the basis of system simulation, because of the complexity of seaport container logistics system, only one pure method can not meet the need of system modeling perfectly. In order to fulfill the description of the dynamic behavior as well as software realization, an objected-oriented petri net model (OOPN) is introduced inchapter four. The model of seaport container logistics system is established based on the OOPN, and the simulation operation of the model is also presented.From the view of computer graphics, the modeling theory and method of vision scene is analyzed thoroughly in chapter five, which includes the construction of 3D geometry modeK the setting of lighting model and the mapping of texture model. The way of cruising in the vision scene model is given, besides that the collision detection of the objects in the scene is presented. Finally the level of detail-based simplifying of the vision scene model is illustrated.Chapter six gives a four-level underlay structure for the virtual reality-based simulation of the seaport container logistics system. The virtual reality-based modeling software MultiGen Creator, and the simulation software Vega are introduced in detail.With the presentation of chapter five and chapter six, chapter seven shows the establishing of object-oriented model of the 3D geometry and vision scene in the seaport container logistics system. From the viewpoint of real-time display and control, series of model-simplified method is applied, such as level of detail degree of freedonu instance etc. As a special problem in the modeling of seaport container logistics system, the modeling method of flexible object is presented.Chapter eight gives the framework of OOPN-based simulation of seaport container logistics system, which includes OOPN-based digital simulation of the system and virtual reality-based simulation of the system. Finally the simulation of the container operations system of LongWu port is showed as an application.
Keywords/Search Tags:Seaport Container Logistics System, Evolution Strategies, OOPN model, System Simulation, Virtual Reality
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