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Research On Construction Technology Of Enterprise Logistics System Simulation

Posted on:2006-05-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360155962088Subject:Road and Railway Engineering
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Logistics management is a kind of management technology for global market and various customer demands. It emphasizes on entire integration of the enterprises and their activities in logistics system, which can better coordinate the relationships of the enterprises, effectively control the material flow, information flow and value flow, maintain the flexible and steady relation between supply and demand, thus maximize the enterprises' benefits. Enterprise logistics system is a complicated social-economic system, whose core issue is entire integration. And it includes the integration of basic processes and objects, supply chain information, logistics operations.Aiming at the problem of enterprise logistics system integration, this paper first puts forward the five-layer Logistics System Framework (LSF). It covers the entire lifecycle of logistics system, decomposes the complicated logistics system to five layers according to the internal logic, and adopts the adaptive models, methods and tools in every layer according to the requirements of different logistics systems.(1) Aiming at the integration of processes and objects in logistics system, it introduces the Supply Chain Operation Reference Model (SCOR), which is the industry standard of supply chain, and provides a widely used standard to follow for enterprise process integration. Besides, it establishes the seven-element object model and greatly simplifies the modeling process of logistics system.(2) It sets up the Logistics Modeling Markup Language (LMML), defines the standard information format. Combining the demand of information integration of logistics system and the seven-element object model, it carries through the static modeling of enterprise logistics system.(3) It studies the modeling thought and implementation mechanism of agent and multi-agent system, and constitutes the dynamic modeling of logistics system simulation, which solves the problem of operation integration.Finally, the paper applies logistics system framework to design the simulation, and realizes the simulation prototype of logistics system in Alpha company.
Keywords/Search Tags:Logistics system, Logistics modeling, Simulation, Supply chain, Integration, Logistics system framework, LMML, Agent
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