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Study On Theoretic And Organizational Variance Of Rural Cooperative Economy

Posted on:2004-01-03Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:L L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360095450501Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Rural cooperative economy has had the history of 160 years in the most of western nation. No matter being the developed or the developing countries with marketing system, there are all the rural cooperatives, which play very important role in the economy society. Aiming at observation of the developing history of the home and abroad rural cooperatives, and peasants spontaneous selections of their organizations, the thesis researched the system of ownership form, structure of property right, operating mechanism and the relationship of income distributing and developed the basic function and intervening manner of government in course of the rural cooperation, and pointed out that the national cooperative laws making would be important and urgent. Chapter 1, IntroductionBackground, purpose and the meaning of this research were firstly expounded.Next the comparatively detailed commentary was done in cooperative theory and practice of home and abroad countries.Finally, the innovation in the thesis, the thought and method in the research, has been explained. Chapter 2, Commentary of General Cooperative Economic TheoriesIt is firstly carried on the boundary to the concerned definition that involves (1) Cooperation. Cooperation means that people help and cooperate with each other mutually beneficial. People may select cooperative form, partnership, joint venture or joint-stock company in order to achieve the creation purpose that they imagine.(2) Cooperative. By way of the definition of history and international cooperation alliance as well as the difference analysis of the west countries cooperative forms, it is thought that the cooperative is that for the joint interest in the essential meaning, the laborer found economic enterprise or the economy organization according to the cooperative principles.(3) Cooperative and rural cooperative. The cooperative is not only one kind of form of organization, but also one kind of important economic form in the society economic structure. Generally the rural cooperative economy is indicating the general designation of various cooperative economy activities in rural areas.(4) Cooperation system. The cooperation system is a kind of social-economic system that laborer works together, and is the synthesis of relations of production. The cooperation system has the branch of narrow sense and the broad sense.Next, evaluation of cooperative and related theories has been made in social and historical origin, effect and the influence and development, and pointed out: Cooperative is resulted from the combination between fair need and marketing system; Cooperative can not achieve the society objectives that the Utopian socialism person sought; Nowadays economy productivity makes the cooperative one kind of available form of organization for the weak power colony for seeking the economic interest possesses extensively.Thirdly, the most important part in the chapter is the qualitative regularity of cooperative, and getting the following conclusions:1. All members are owner and laborer contemporary; 2. Cooperative keeps unconstraint and autonomy and independence; 3. Member controls at democracy; 4. Distribute the surplus according to ones labor contribution; 5. Capital reward is limited. Chapter 3, Cooperative Economic System of Ownership FormsBased upon the cooperative economic theory commentary and the cooperative qualitativeanalysis, quality and the form of cooperative economic system of ownership were discussed in this chapter.Firstly, the assets of the cooperative belong to cooperative member to own collectively, and must be arranged by the collective.Second, in the inner of the economic cooperatives, the ownerships or use rights of the production goods belong to all members. The workers, as owner of the production goods, combine together with means of production in the cooperative. An important characteristic of the cooperative economy is that production goods are processed by the organized labors collectively, and it has primarily below types:...
Keywords/Search Tags:Characters of Cooperative, Rural Cooperative, Ownership Forms, Property Right Configuration, Operating Mechanism, Governmental Action
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