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Analysis On Theory And Operation Of Urban Land Annual Rent System

Posted on:2004-01-08Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360095953687Subject:Political economy
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At present in our country compensated use of urban land mainly executed by one-off transfer, which would bring many questions, because of different economy developing level and receiving ability in different regions. So as a new form, urban land annual rent system would be an effective choice to perfect urban land utilization system.But it is just in initial exploration in our country. This paper try to start from above questions, trying to make the utilization of urban land rent system the important approach to collocate land resources in reason and pull urban economy into sustaining increasing. The final purpose is to establish essential theory frame, then deepen utilization system reformation of our urban land, perfect diversified lease form, and improve the utilization efficiency according to corresponding operation criterion.This paper involves related background, theoretical base, theoretical frame, operation frame and some related questions.Firstly, the starting point must be well defined: research about the theory and operation of system of urban land annual rent is not only necessary but also practical.There comes to the idea that the urban land maybe regarded as a comprehensive commodity - natural yield. Then analysis and comparison between western rent theory and Max1 rent theory is made as the basic base and scientific guide.The establishment of thorough theoretical frame is the most important core of this paper. In this part, connotation and right-belonging relationship of urban land annual rent system are well defined at first. As the premise of the theoretical frame, connotation of land annual rent is a very important and basic theoretical problem, and it should be the basic reliance to demarcate coverage. Then the author considered that the right of use obtained by the land annual rent is the unity of real right and credit. And real right is on a decisive position. Actually, on the basis of long-term contract, credit can be gradually turned into real right when the tenant pay for land rent year by year. Furthermore, we must set up a perfect guarantee mechanisms of land annual rent to ensure the rights of the owner. Then the guiding principle of execution of this system is put forward, which conclude research about essential law and foreseeing beneficial advice. And diversified economic realization forms of Chinese urban land ownership are studied. At the same time, running-off problem of urban land revenue is researched as innovation of researching thought. Effective measure must be found to prevent this running-off, and the execution of land annual rent system is the new thought and effective system.This paper studies revenue share for the urban land owner on condition of market - featured management. On the basis of the objective analyses of the current possession situation of urban land profits, it puts forward principles and exact share schemes of land profits, explores the measures of increasing urban land profits . And it appraises the government function of urban land management in China from anentirely new point and puts forward practicable schemes of governmental supervision system, content and implementation .At last, on the base of above theoretical frame, operation mechanism is analyzed. The elaborate design of its key parts and corresponding juncture could ensure the reputable operation of this system. And determination of rent level and the content and form of land lease contract are the most important points, more steps and countermeasures are put forward about the collection and management of urban land annual rent.
Keywords/Search Tags:Urban Land, Land Annual Rent System, Right-belonging Relationship, Land Capital, Operation Mechanism
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