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Urban Land Use Rights Reform

Posted on:2002-04-07Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360032953298Subject:Regional economy
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The revolution of urban land from 1980抯 is a profound one from concept, theory to system . After self梣uestioning maladies of the traditional system of land utilization, people realize that an efficiency mechanism for resources disposal is needed in macro, which will promote society to make rational use of the reform of systems of utilizing land with compensation them is the circulation of right to utilizing land and the establishment of land market. The reform is undoubtedly profound , .the great achievements are perfectly obvious . Up to nowadays . however, we still can not tell the reform of land system be successful many problems in reality ,such as the system of laws and regulations not perfect, the relation of distribution not smooth , the mode of management not standard, the form not flexible and so on , require us to make a further study probe and resolve, in order to perfect the system of utilizations of urban land , which will embody the superiority of state梠wned system of urban land. Based on current achievements and in view of existing problems. the article focuses on the study of utilization systems of urban land , and puts forward some theories , viewpoints or methods . This article consists of three sections. The first section: 揈stablishment and implement of macro system of rank differences of urban land rent?.mainly study the theory and application of macro rank differences of urban land rents . The Chapter 2 analyses the insufficiency of current land rent system and the efficiency differences in utilizing land among cities . The Chapter 3 illustrates the foregoing with theoretical models . The Chapter 4 expounds briefly the meaning, method to enforce the macro rank differences of urban land rent. The second section 揂djustment and perfection of the system about rent , tax and charge? discusses the regulations and improvements to existing system , which is surrounded with the relation of distribution of land revenue between government ownership and land user and by the analysis of the functions of rent ,tax and charge. The third section : 揜eforms and innovations of circulation mechanism of urban land market?, puts forward regulations and innovations from 4aspects , surrounded 77 with the themes to promote circulation of land property right and to push on utilization land in return The Chapter 9 probes into the peifection and regulation to the four supplying methods , in the view of government as the monopoly supplier of the first a market Be directed against the generally existing hiding market of urban land , the Chapter 10 raises the method to guide its origin ?current quantities of urban land for volunteer utilization to utilizing with compensation Against the current housing problem, Chapter 11 puts forward the viewpoint to flex the relation of house and land, and reduce effectively transaction costs of market , and expound and prove its feasibility and economical meaning In the view of government ?a supervisor of land market , Chapter 12 suggests the establishment of guided information system of land and reserving system for government to reclaim land , so that to perfect the government functions , and to increase rationality and effectiveness of urban land market circulation.
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