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Economics Research In Cooperation Operation Of Urban Land In China

Posted on:2006-05-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:N FangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360155962077Subject:Population, resource and environmental economics
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The gross value of the urban land assets in our country is so enormous that it directly affects the development of cities and the construction of our nation. How to operate these assets and guarantee its value preserving and appreciation on the premise of safeguarding the socialistic public-owned land system is the request of the market economy's development. At present, as the owner of the multiple rights of the urban land property such as the ownership, the administrative right and the right of management, the government is unable to consider comprehensively the interests of various aspects. As a result, there exists some malpractices in the land market and a great deal of the land assets has been lost.In the circumstance of the outdated land operation mode's inability to meet the requirements of the economic development, this article suggests a method about Land Corporation Operation. At first it discusses the feasibility of the corporation operation mode in economics' point of view: Using the Market Equilibrium Theory to analyze the negative influence of the government monopoly to market equilibrium; Using the Property Right Theory to propose a new property right bunch as the theoretical basis of corporation operation; Using the Entrusting -Agent's Theory to discuss the design of incentive mechanism of the land assets companies. Then the article standardizes some issues concretely such as the character of the company, the function, the business scope of the company, and the setting of departments of the company, etc. also, it analyzes the circulation modes of the land and capitals in the running of cooperation. Thirdly, the article discusses the government's supervision function. At the end of this article, the author re-orientates the government's role in the land market. Manage the land company through such means as law, administrative rule , planning , tax revenue ,etc, standardize the operation of the company, guarantee the normal distribution of the income.
Keywords/Search Tags:Urban Land, Cooperation Operation, Land Market, Land Property, Entrusting-Agent Theory
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