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How To Transform From The Traditional Road Goods Transport Enterprises To The Modern Logistics Enterprises

Posted on:2003-11-13Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y R ChengFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360095957412Subject:Transportation planning and management
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In this dissertation, the author studies the transformation from the traditional road goods transport enterprises to modern logistics enterprise, and discusses the meaning of the logistics, and thinks the logistics is changeable. According the feature, the logistics can be divided as five periods. In each period, the logistics have the own feature. The author gives an answer to the modern logistics enterprise. The qualification and requirement has been discussed in the dissertation. The result of research is useful for government to make logistics policies. Form the definition of scale merit ratio, the author gets mathematical formula of scale merit ratio, and points out that scale merit ratio increases fastest along the gradient way of production function. At last, the author reasons that that C~D function scale merit ratio is @+#. The results of study will help enterprises develop quickly and efficiency. Enterprises can make decision correctly and reasonable. The author discussed the transforming principal, steps, model, way-and so on. The conditions and difficult have been carefully analyzed. The point of contact is very import in the dissertation. It is key for traditional road goods transport enterprises to transform. A series of standard have been set up to appraise the point of contact. At the same time, the fuzzy mathematics has been used to appraise. Thank to the fuzzy mathematics, enterprises can select the point of contact more correctly and quickly. The enterprises position is anther import problem the enterprises have to face. Ideal and way to make position have been provided in the dissertation. The government will take an import pole in the logistics industry. A lot of policies have been suggested in this dissertation. The government should quickly make policies to supply the logistics enterprises. Three typical traditional road goods transport enterprises in Hunan province have been introduced. The author studied the environment where the modern logistics enterprises will exist. The logistics need and composition of goods in Hunan have also been analyzed. The author made an entire plan for a traditional road goods transport enterprises want to be a modern logistics enterprises. According to the condition, the traditional road goods transport enterprises should develop in the local area firstly. Three points of contact have been list. The author figured out the result of each point in furry mathematics. On the basis of result, transport agent has been selected as point of contact. A lot of countermeasures have been put forward to develop logistics. Meanwhile, several problems should be paid an attention. The trend of modern logistics enterprises is analyzed in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:traditional road goods transport enterprises, scale merit radio, modern logistics enterprises, enterprises position, point of contact, principal of transforming, model of transforming, logistics policy, production function, need of logistics
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