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The Implementation And Development Of The Modern Logistics Research

Posted on:2003-02-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y CaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360065961788Subject:Business management
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After the economy of commodity became mature, the manufactures have taken measures to reduce the raw materials cost depending on the advanced technologies and reduce the labor cost depending on the innovated technologies just in order to make more profits. But with the economy developing and some barriers of the objective conditions, these traditional ways are facing challenges. So logistics reasonable is presented, that is, reducing the logistics cost in the logistics area becomes a new source to increase the corporation's profits. From the view of global integrated and supply chain management, modern logistics has much deeper conception. Creating demands by logistics becomes a new idea of corporation's business. Meanwhile, with economy globalization bringing more intensive competition to corporation, peeling off the non core business and strengthening the core techniques become the corporation's crucial ideas, so the modes of logistics self-operating and outsourcing are appearing. Corporation choosing logistics self-operating not only can control the supply chain and cope with other business departments intimately but also can concentrate on its business operating, however, logistics self-operating needs more investment and time. Also it needs higher standard to the corporation's logistics management and has a bad influence on the corporation's flexibility. Outsourcing third-party logistics can make corporation concentrate on their core businesses, but the corporation will have less control force on supply chain management, so will take the risk on failure. So we have found the logistics mode decision is really a dilemma. The corporation must analyze its influential factors comprehensively combining with its characters and abilities, then make the correct decisions and control the risk effectively. Being as one big pillar of three in the modern economy, logistics is being paid more attention by government, corporation and academic circles. So do our country. Especially when our logistics industry's development is already not adapted to the national economy not only from the views of its scale, response speed and effectiveness but its development depth and width, developing modern logistics is very important to the country and corporation. By developing it the social total cost can be reduced and the national economy total level can be improved, so the national economy can be assured to develop quickly. At the same time, the corporation will strength their competence abilities gradually. Combining with the supply chain theory and core competence theory, this paper is discussed corporation's logistics decision. Based on it, some instructive advices have been recommended in order to help corporation solve some problems in the process of developing its modern logistics. It is hoped that the discussion could offer references to the corporation.
Keywords/Search Tags:logistics, modern logistics, logistics mode, SCM, core-competence, logistics self-operating, logistics outsourcing, third-party logistics
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