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The Research Of The Operation Model Of Securities Online Brokerage In China

Posted on:2003-08-07Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:G Q GuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360122455213Subject:Information Systems and Information Management Department
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Securities is circulating capital. Brokerage, especially securities brokerage, is business between business; its role as intermediate of circulation is evident, manifesting in the following three aspects:Value stream, Information stream, Consciousness stream. In securities trading, investors obtain low-risk and high-return investment profit through professional broker, reaching the goal of capital appreciation throught Value stream. Information stream decreases the portion of manual brokerage and gives securities brokerage brand new meaning. Securities brokerage plays more and more unreplaceable role in the market. Consciousness stream, for brokerage, is how to obtain more share in the market is not only a technique issue but also an issue of management philosophy and service consciousness. Human factor, service and fore-thinking would be the key to success of securities brokerage system.Securities online trading is a new stock swap model by the internet technology in securities manage business, and is the produce of new technology and traditional field. The influence of the application of securitiea online trading to the traditional stock swap is long and is big challenge to the securities managers' business,Securities online trading is adopted widely in China, but some problems, such as thinking highly of trading and making light of service, too much repeat in this industry ,the scale usually is too little, and the investment income is small, are still urgent problems that need to resolved by the securities managers. The data of development of foreign securities online trading indicates that the reason of causing the problem that isn't in itself problem of technology of securities online trading .The traditional research results, such as the influence of stock swap to securities market, the compare the manager cost against the income in securities online trading, and how to ensure operating of stock swap, can't effectively resolve these problems. The research of the securities manage business online model is a new issue and is the core of resolving the series of problems.The article tries to analysis the basic reasons of producing these industrial problems from industrial angle, analysis the whole procedure of developing securities online brokerage by the theory of value chain, and lies special stress on analyzing the model can be adopted of developing securities online brokerage, then solve the strategic problems of management and administration except industrial policy element from securities managers' angle, and avoid a series of problems above , and clear away obstacles for developing stock swap in China, and provide theory basis for securities managers promoting securities online brokerage.
Keywords/Search Tags:Securities Online Brokerage, Virtue Value Chain, Trust and Agent
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