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Studies On Commercial Bank Core Competence

Posted on:2004-12-08Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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This dissertation is devoted to the study of commercial bank core competence. Core competence is the continuous accumulation of an effective portfolio of knowledge and capabilities and can be regarded as a type of dynamic capability. Research on commercial bank core competence has always been a challenging topic of intense academic and practical interest. Bankers, economists and managerial scientists are all deeply interested in this issue. This dissertation takes as its background the theories of core competence and the need by the China's commercial banks to develop their core .competencies. On the basis of analyzing the theories and research in enterprise core competence and related theories in general economics and financial economics, this dissertation attempts to establish a theoretical framework on commercial bank core competence.This dissertation delves into the general theory, in-depth analysis of commercial bank core competence and in the process tries to put forward policy suggestions on this issue. Structurally, this dissertation falls into three parts. The first part is devoted to the theoretical framework and discusses the concepts, components and framework of core competence. The second parts discusses how the commercial banks develop their core competencies. Banker's talents and effective institutional arrangements (including culture, core values and informal institutional arrangements) are the basis and origin of commercial bank core competence. Among other capabilities, strategic management capabilities is a second-tier capability. It is a concrete reflection of the bank and the banker's capabilities. IT innovation and marketing capabilities determines to a large extent the outcome of strategicmanagement capabilities. Capabilities in human resources management, risk management and organizational structure optimization are all important guarantees of commercial bank core competence. The third part, the conclusion, puts forward suggestions on the creating and improving of commercial bank core competence.This dissertation makes the following contributions. First, it establishes a theoretical framework for commercial bank core competence on the basis of extensive literature review and the integration of related theories in general and financial economics. Secondly, this dissertation puts the different core competencies of the commercial banks into several tiers and carries out research on them. Thirdly, this dissertation discusses the informal institutional arrangements like culture, core values and customs and integrates those factors into the analytical framework. Fourthly, in-depth research is carried out certain issues (expansion in operations scale, diversified business range and business frontier) in commercial bank management from the perspective of core competence and comes to the conclusion that the key to successful commercial bank management lies in the extension of commercial bank core competence.
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