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Visualization Of Human-computer Interaction, Decision-making Systems Modeling And Technology Research

Posted on:2005-09-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360125453798Subject:Control Science and Engineering
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Decision Support System, based on information system and decision-making technology, has been developed rapidly, tt has become one of important research subjects in the field of system engineering and computer application. The technology of the human-machine interactive decision-making is a key factor in the research of DSS. This system, based on a developed prototype that is a human-machine interactive decision-making system, has been researched and developed, added recorder to make user trace system expediently, and the problem about multi-person making decision together in the LAN has been resolved. The original model has been supplemented by using UML in order to let other researchers understand and grasp the system. Main achievements are as follows.First, the former system has been optimized and its visualization has been improved. Second, the system model has been supplemented by using UML that would be convenient to make different researchers understand the structure and the function of the system. Third, the method of adjust curve by dragging mouse has been implemented, and the user is led to assure the single trait of the curve, so a utility-curve which accord with the characteristic of the decision maker will. be available. Forth, a recorder has been added which make user open the decision making process of the existed problem in the system expediently. Fifth, some decision-making methods such as PROMETHEE, partial information method and LINMAP are added to the DLL and visualized. Sixth, apply program server has been created by developing distributed multiplayer apply system, and multi-person making decision together in the LAN has been implemented.
Keywords/Search Tags:multi-attribute decision-making, interaction of human and machine, utility function, visualization, analysis of sensitivity, recorder, network decision-making.
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