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Methodologies On Regional Informatization Market Analysis And Associated Resource Deployment

Posted on:2004-07-02Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:B C LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360122482157Subject:Engineering and Engineering Management
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In the context of economy globalization, and with the rapid development of information technology, the competition environment has been changed radically for manufacturing industry. Applying information technology has been regarded as the key for enterprise to gain competitive advantages. Great improvement for information technologies implemented in domestic industries has been achieved since the national strategy launched on promoting the technologies to accelerate industrialization process. The trend and focus of the program have been transferred to elevate regional manufacturing sectors as a whole, and achieve the comprehensive competitive advantages. Therefore, it takes an important role to explore methodologies on systematically analyzing, organizing and deploying the regional market requirements and corresponding technical resources, which has already drawn more and more attention from governmental, industrial and academic societies. Key issues of the regional market analysis and resources deployment have been studied in this dissertation. Starting from the basic element of the regional market, namely an individual enterprise and its implementation process of information technologies, definitions of the specific market are given, and primary performance features of the market elements are analyzed. Then the data organizing structure for market requirement and resource status is developed.To achieving a full viewpoint of the market, a Web based data management platform system is developed to organize and manage various information, where market data can be updated dynamically with a close loop feedback mechanism.Methodologies on requirement analysis and performance evaluation of diffident elements of the market are put forwards, which can provide a full picture of market trend and performance. Based on the definition and analysis of the life-cycle features of enterprise projects in applying IT technologies, the proposed close loop method of project management has been studied systematically. Roles of all market players both from enterprise aspect and technologies providers are analyzed and evaluated. By means of two game models, the author analyzes the role of enterprise in the course of informatization and the ratio of investment and output, puts forward countermeasures for the acceleration in Chinese enterprise. Then some level indicators used in evaluation of the degree of enterprise's informatization were for the first time studied, Enterprise informatization is evaluated by using methods of fuzzy set theory and neural networks.With the achieved systematic understanding of the market features, fundamental issues of technical resources deployment within the market are considered. Architecture of the resources deployment and quantitative assessment techniques then are developed.Directed by methodologies presented, a conceptual design for a typical regional promotion program is conducted and presented as a case study to demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of presented research work.
Keywords/Search Tags:enterprise informatization, Market analysis, Resource deployment, Project management
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