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A Research On Structuring And Measuring Emergency Management System Of Public Health

Posted on:2005-11-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360122482264Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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In the course of economic and social transition, it is inevitable to induce various crisis affairs by different conflicts or problems. In fact, with the development of reforming and opening, crisis affairs happen more frequently than ever, so crisis management has become more and more important in China. In all kinds of crisis affairs, emergency of public health (EOPH) has been the urgent problem to be solved because of its frequency and negative impacts.Contrasted with existing system, it is regret that crisis management system of EOPH and other fields has not been established yet in China. Based on the theories and methodologies of comparative management science, crisis management, game theory, agency theory, performance measurement and data statistic, the crisis management system of EOPH is studied and structured in this dissertation.Firstly, on the base of studying crisis management system of EOPH in USA and UK, available experiences that can be referenced by China have been summarized. The development process of public health management in western developed countries is divided into three stages, China is correspond to the primary stage.Secondly, applying the theory and methodology of comparative management science and data statistic, this dissertation analyzes the input and operation mode of public health in China. By analyzing the process of dealing with SARS crisis, this dissertation reveals deficiencies in crisis management of EOPH in China.Thirdly, based on analyzing oversea practical experience in crisis management, the establishment principles of crisis management of EOPH is put forward. The crisis management organization system founded on the situation of China is structured.Fourthly, the established crisis management organization system is analyzed with the reference of principal-agent theory and game theory. Furthermore, incentive and constraint mechanism is also studied.Lastly, with reference to the theory research and application practice of performance measurement, the performance evaluation model of crisis management organization is established based on balanced scorecard (BSC). AHP-based fuzzy comprehensive means is tried also to quantify the system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Emergency of Public Health, Crisis Management System, Principal-Agent Theory, Performance Measurement, Multi-executive of Performance Evaluation
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