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Information Effect Philosophical Analysis

Posted on:2005-04-15Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:R H YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360122485484Subject:Marxist philosophy
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Development practice is facing a series of issues under the wave of informatization. So study on development effect of informatization has become an important and urgent task to development philosophy. Such study can not only guide practice of development, but also enrich philosophy of development, and provide communication place for impact theories of informatization in various disciplines as well. Communist Party of China has clear recognition on development effect of informatization, which is an important basis for futher research. Althouth a lot of study on development effect of informatization has been taken in West society and international organization, their viewpoints are too concrete. In China, scholars have paid attention to development effect of informatization, but their viewpoints are too abstract. In the field of development philosophy in China, attention paid to development effect of informatization is very insufficient, and there is no clear analysis frame. This dissertation is trying to explore the subject.Taking Marxist theory on practice as its philosophical basis, historical materialism as its theoretical guide, and development philosophy in China as its knowledge background, this dissertation is trying to establish a theoretical frame for analyzing development and development effect of informatization. Taking social activity's high dependence on information as prerequisite, characteristics of development and informatization as grounds, and informatization's impacts on development elements as main thread, this dissertation explores and concludes informatization's impacts on development subject, development object, development goal, and development method, trying to provide a solid foundation for understanding informatization's ultimate impacts on development.This research consists of the following five chapters: Chapter One Characteristic of informatization and development To understand informatization's impacts on development, we must realize informatization and development, and discover their characteristics. Therefore on the basis of brief introduction to informatization, this chapter first analyses in detail informatization's characteristics in term of.operation, input, output, and impact, such as computer, internet, etc. On basis of brief introduction to development, it then analyses in detail development's characteristics of development in term of subject, object, goal, and method, such as low ability, low ambition, etc. It finaly discusses prerequisite, mechanism, and impact of informatization influencing development, which is also an important foundation for realize development effect of informatization. Prerequisite is that social activity depends much upon information. Mechanism is that informatization can promote development elements. Impacts are divided into five categories, such as opportunity, challenge.Chapter Two Informatization and improvement of development subject On the basis of theory of development subject's elements, this chapter studies informatization's improvement on development subjects such as individual, enterprise, and government in developing countries. First, it deals with informatization's improvement on individual. Its viewpoint is that informatization can improve individual's development conditions, enhance its ability, strengthen its desire, and increase its consumption. Second, it deals with informatization's improvement on enterprise, asserting that informatization has changed enterprise's development circumstance, enhance its ability, strengthen its desire, and change its organization structure. Third, it deals with informatization's improvement on government, considering that informatization can promote government's development ability, enhance its desire, change its organization structure, and weaken its sovereignty.Chapter Three Informatization and progress of development object This chapter deals with informatization's impacts on economy, society, politics, and culture in developing countries. It puts...
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