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Studies On The Influential Factors On The Success Of Organizational Change Of Chinese Enterprises

Posted on:2004-06-15Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360122967255Subject:Business management
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Since the open-door reform policy has been implemented in China, all kinds of Chinese enterprises have been involved in the tide of continuous change, such as the reform, reorganization and restructuring of SOEs, as well as the start-up and second-start-up of private enterprises. Driven by the globalization and information age, Chinese enterprises have to deal with foreign ones on competition and cooperation. All these result in the change of the organization structure, competitive strategy, management model, and even corporate culture. While not all change programs succeed. From the perspective of process of the change, this thesis studies the influential factors on the success of organization change in Chinese enterprises by means of empirical study and case study. This study is trying to complement the area of organization change in organizational development school on one hand, and hope to increase the probability of success when implementing change program of Chinese enterprises.After theoretical review, based on the theoretical analysis of influential factors on the success of organizational change and the exploring study of the author, this thesis proposes the concept of Implementing Change Matrix (ICM), then analyzes each variables in detail. In order to make it more practically, the author simplified ICM as 5C framework and use it as the core and base in the following empirical and case studies.During empirical study, the author finds out 5C framework can be divided by two levels: perceptional and behavior. The most emphasized dimension of 5C will be implemented better in practice. Samples from different industries, locations, ownership and scale(in terms of employee number) give significant different judgments on the success of change program happened in their enterprises. And samples of different age and management title have significant difference on their judgment. The originality of change program has no influence on the judgment. Although the samples give significant different judgment on different types of organization change, the type itselfhas no influence on the judgment. During the case study, besides the analysis and evaluation of their change program in terms of 5C framework, the thesis have concluded 6 major issues including the driving force of change, means and end of change, originality of the change program, the rhythm of the change, the difference during the change and building consensus.The major contributions of this thesis are as followings:* Proposing the 5C framework including influential factors on the success of organization change in Chinese enterprises which integrating factors of attitude, behavior and culture and could be used to analyze and guide the change program;* Conducting empirical study on Chinese enterprises by means of 5C framework, and conclude a judgment model on the success of organization change;* Investigating in depth on the process of typical kind of change among Chinese enterprises during case study, and propose several practical suggestions;* Proposing the concept of psychological cost, which would be referential for quantitative evaluation of organization change in further study.
Keywords/Search Tags:Organization Change, Implementing Change Matrix (ICM), 5C Framework, Influential Factors
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