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Research On Change Management In Building Market-driven Organization

Posted on:2003-04-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X H WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092965758Subject:Business management
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Our country has become a member of WTO last year. It means that our country will enter the market economic more openly, and our national enterprises will be face up more challenge other than opportunities in short term. So firstly, they should enter market, it means that they should build market-driven organization. However, they don't acquaint with the concept of market-driven organization and how to build the market-driven organization. Therefore, it is a hard task to build market-driven organization for our national enterprises. In theory, little research is found nationwide on the problem of organization change management, especially when building the market-driven organization. Hence it is important to research on the change management in building market-driven organization in theory and in practice.It is based on case analyses in the research of change management in building market-driven origination. The organization model method is used here studying the change management in building market-driven organization, which is a beneficial try. At fist, in this paper the national and international literature of market-driven organization and organization change management is summarized. Secondly, based on the research on organization theory, the object-resource-structure & process--culture & value model is built, and the concept and characteristics of market-driven organization is achieved. Thirdly, form the research on object of people relationship between the people and organization, the resistance upon organization object, resource, structure & process and culture & value when building market-driven organization is analyzed. At last, the building principle of organization change management is achieved based on the research of PAEI theory, and the organization change management program when building market-driven organization is researched. Besides, in this paper using the organization change management program which is achieved in this paper, the case of certain bank is analyzed. Research shows that change management in building market-driven organization for national enterprises is quite background while results here is proved to be practical...
Keywords/Search Tags:Organization Change, Market-Driven Organization, Organization Model, Change Management Team, Organization Change Management Program
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