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A Study On The Risk Of International Investment To Large-Scale Construction

Posted on:2004-08-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X F SongFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360122982159Subject:Structural engineering
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Every country is making use of foreign investment actively to develop its economy, while international investors are looking for investment outlet, which makes capital flow in the world in full swing. Any investment is of risk. In particular, big constructions are always facing more risks. The dissertation studies international investment to large-scale construction in order to figure out ways for both investors and acceptors to be acquainted with risks so that international capital works well-balanced.The basic theory of international capital movement and its inducement are analyzed in detail. It proposed that the movement of international capital supports the economic development of investing location, at the same time, some excellent notion from investors' countries influences local environment, which forms investing area an identical configuration. Such configuration makes more sense than the capital does. It brings forward the influencing factors of international capital movement, and analyzes, from the economic point of view, how such factors impact on international investment flow in detail. Economic elements result in economic risks. An ideal investment location can be founded in case disposal of the elements properlyThe paper works over the technique means of economic risks and puts forward that the economic results are impacted upon by a complicated three- dimensional risk of the absence of information; In addition, it constitutes economic model of foreign investment to large-scale construction through AHP. The thought economic factors are transferred into quantitative index by taking advantage of computer, a figure of decision-making is worked out as well; The quantitative and statistic analyses of risk elements is carried out by means of mathematics, which provides decision-makers with a theoretic measure. It deepens also a analysis method of risk, by making use of which, it offers a basis of decision-making for the investors of international investment to large-scale construction. It furnishes tri-step configuration of analyzing economic elements in the international investment to large-scale construction: Firstly, how the economic elements configuration meets the demand of international investment; secondly, analysis of project location; thirdly, analysis of project economic benefit with foreign investment. Such a mode presents both investors and acceptors with a technique of getting twice the result with half the effort...
Keywords/Search Tags:economic element, large-scale construction, international investment, risk decision-making
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