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The Research On Risk Decision-making Of International Project

Posted on:2005-04-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D L LiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125953544Subject:Forest Engineering
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As a comprehensive social action, international project is the synthesis of multi-national politics, economy, technique, management and organization. It has different risks with other common engineering projects in all aspects. For the development of China's international engineering project, how to give scientific risk evaluation and decision-making of such projects is a key problem needs us to solve.In the beginning of this dissertation, the concepts and properties of international project and risk are being put forward. Then the content and procedure of international project are introduced, and the generally used risk evaluating methods are being compared. Following, based on the exiting problems in the current international project investment decision-making models, such as: huge calculations, difficult in collecting data and information, a international project investment decision-making and evaluating model is being bring forward, which is proved to be effective and feasible by practical case analyzing. In China, people and institutes who study risk investment devote most of their energy to the study of decision-making methods in the prophase of a project. However, for an international project or a common project, its risk will not cease by the time the investment decision-making is being made. It will exit through the execution process of the project. In this complex process, the factors and extent, which influence the project, also changed. As to such fact, system and scientific research of project's terminating decision-making should be carried out. According to the variety of risk factors and the deficient research of terminating decision-making in the execution of a project and the distinguish analyzing principle of multivariate statistical analysis, a project terminating decision-making model is given. Depending on this model, the decision to continue, suspend or terminate the project is made. This model can decrease the loss of risk to the large extent.Finally, for actually lower the influence that risk factors bring to the project, international project risk control and countermeasures are being put forward, including: enforce the data and information colleting and analyzing work in relevant industries and distributing the project risks, taking countermeasures previously etc.
Keywords/Search Tags:International project, Investment, Risk decision-making, Terminating decision-making, Model
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