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A Study Of Collaborative Management In Electronic Commerce Project

Posted on:2005-06-10Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360122982223Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Based on collaboration science(CS),this dissertation primarily makes use of theory, techniques and methods of comparison management, systems engineering, electronic commerce (EC) and project management (PM). The object of study is electronic commerce project. To solve the key problem of electronic commerce project collaborative management (ECPCM),it anatomizes the concept,inherent collaborative relationship,and collaborative effect,studies the collaborative rules and character,sets up collaborative management frame, mechanism and computer-supported collaborative work platform (CSCWP),and finally,forms a independent system of ECPCM. These provide a scientific basis for ECPCM. The major points are as follows.1. This dissertation,with the background explained,analyses and studies PM problems with comparison method under EC environment, puts forward the importance of CM study, and further leads to the study targets and contents.2. ECPCM system is a multi-subject cross and multi-technology amalgamation complex system. Its basic theories are CS theory, system and systems engineering theory (SE), PM, and PM accumulation theory. By using these theories in the ECPCM, the dissertation promotes the management foundation and ability level higher.3. Using the idea and principle of CS and Management Science, the dissertation analyses collaborative character of ECPCM, defines the concept of ECPCM with SE and mathematics methods, establishes the ECPCM conceptual module, gives the system design, studies the mode and content which are collaborative development management, including collaborative project process management and collaborative knowledge management, and collaborative running management, including collaborative commerce, collaborative goods and collaborative information, and brings forward the system methods by using project collaborative template management. 4. On the basis of studying the ECPCM concept module, from the view of systems engineering, this dissertation analyses and studies ECPCM system for the target of systemic optimizing, defines the system goals and principle, establishes the system frame of ECPCM. At the same time, it puts forward collaboration forenotice system to improve the validity. At last, it studies the organization system in order to coordinate the relationship between man and organization, especially emphasizes the core effect of leader.5. With collaborative science theory applied to the complex reality system, this dissertation studies the mechanisms of ECPCM by using the study methods of systems science, game theory, workflow technology, and project management. It applies the analytical hierarchy process(AHP) as a decision making method in ECPCM, sets up electronic commerce workflow management system (ECWFMS) model with workflow technology and method. And the dissertation,which using game analysis method,establishes cooperation and non-cooperation game models, studies "cooperation – competition - coordination" mechanism of project CM.6. To carry out ECPCM,this dissertation sets up a basic organization structure (BOS) module and CSCWP based on BOS. The platform can be divided into several layers, including collaborative work application layer,on which you can apply kinds of collaborative work program. This makes the platform wide-ranging. And this dissertation preliminarily studies the basic principle and application of organization common learning.7. This dissertation analyses the application of CM with EC project K of manufacturer A.
Keywords/Search Tags:electronic commerce, project management, collaborative management, electronic commerce project collaborative management, game analysis, template management
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