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A Study On Trust Mechanism Of Virtual Enterprise

Posted on:2004-03-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Z ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360125458098Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Since 1980, with the changing seller's market to buyer's market, technology development rapidly and market globing, the enterprise managers have to face a more changeable competition condition. Virtual enterprise make itself a soft dynamic agile and distributed network organization, it emerge talent showing itself and reply the need of this kind of market circumstance. When the network-organization substitutes the large tradition one, the flexibility and efficiency will become necessary for organization's existent to cope with varied risks and obstacle. An organization has to provide a kind of ability in managing inter-organization. How to reduce correspond cost and also to ensure VE's agility at the same time becomes a problem, scholars proposes that trust is the key. However, in the literatures on VE's theory of institution and operation management, most researchers impliedly assume that no trust problem or trust existing is found in VE. This shows VE's trust problem should deserve studying as a basic question. This dissertation talks about Virtual enterprise's trust mechanism. It tries to analyze requirement of trust in the development of Virtual enterprise through the sociology and some other theories and tools such as management, mathematics and information modeling. This paper purposes to introduce the concept of trust in sociology into the field of management, especially operating management for VE. Trait of VE's trust relation also relation between trust level and VE's performance would be discussed, its trust governance, building and maintaining mechanism also discussed; this paper proposes a depicting model of VE's trust building process, its including VE's member partner trustworthy appraising, trust guarantee mechanism and trust management standardization as well as information under the condition of VE.With lucubrating trust and trust relation of VE, this paper constitutes the theory frame of Virtual enterprise's trust mechanism and applying model, some theory innovation also being found. It mainly includes:1. This dissertation summarizes and expands the theories of trustrelative. It proposes a level-structure model of trust, basing on some concepts such as trust radius and trust source. Trust's space-time trait also is analyzed and its transition process is discussed under network condition. Author divides VE's trust relation into three levels including human, organization and information network.2. The paper proposes a theory model of VE's governance mechanism based trust. With demonstrating its feasibility for taking trust as a governance tool, it indicates trust to be a fine tool for VE's coalition with its function of decision, assorting, restriction and predigest.3. This dissertation studies VE's members cooperation performance with asymmetry trust relation. The research indicates that trust should be given correctly, It is shown that if the seller's trust equals the buyer trustworthiness, then the social welfare, the amount of trade and agents' utility functions are maximized. It is demonstrated that underestimating the buyer's trustworthiness tends to harm both agents. It also studies trustworthy appraising in VE's partner choice. Prior studies on VE's partner choice, scholars select VE's partners only considering its ability, it finds some difficult for partners' working together. This article views that it is important improving compatible between partner and partner in VE's operating process and strengthening trust management in partner choice process, the ways is trustworthy appraise. This paper proposes two appraising methods, one is based traditional index analysis and other is a model based reputation market.4. This dissertation stresses to study standardization and information management of VE's trust process. It proposes a model based on workflow and petri-net for VE's trust process, and its information model is build with XML language.Lastly, This dissertation discusses VE's trust insurance mechanism mainly with game theory. The trust insurance me...
Keywords/Search Tags:Virtual enterprise, trust mechanism, reputation market, insurance mechanism, trust appraise
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