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The Research On Mechanism Of Industrial Cluster

Posted on:2005-04-08Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J H MaFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360125459562Subject:Industrial Economics
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In recent years, excellent performance in economy of the high-tech enterprise in the Silicon valley and of the traditional clusters in Italy has attracted attention of scholars and public policy makers. Some countries's local governments have turned its focus from industrial policy to cluster policy. Despite of this, most governments still know little about the mechanism of industrial cluster growing because cluster growing theories are not perfect and are not widely spread. Many local governments in china are in this rank, they either didin't know how to deal with a growing industrial cluster.The aim of the article is the mechanism of cluster growing. The dissertation firstly discusses the dynamic mechanism of industrial clusters, summarizes the sustainable mechanisms. On the basis of detail data from on-the-spot interviews, the author especially analyzes the three clusters in Dongguan City and Zhongshan city , and compares them with clusters outside China. Based on theoretic analysis and case analysis, this paper is to find out the mechanism of cluster growing, cluster network and cluster innovation mechanisms of cluster growing, its drives and how these drives act each other.The dissertation is divided into eight chapters. The first chapter outlines the background and current situation related this thesis. The second chapter is devoted to a critical review of existing literatures on industrial clusters from abroad and home, Discusses the theoretical development and evolution process of industrial cluster theory, and give a evalution. The third chapter aims to discuss some related issues, such as the definition of industrial clusters, the characteristic of cluster, cluster network and cluster innovation of is essential distinction for ripe cluster. The fourth chapter divides the development phases of clusters into three different stages, namely initial stage, developing stage and mature stage, secondly, the chapter generalizes their characteristics respectively, and analyses the roles of these factors in different stage: geographical specialization, social capitals, external economy, cluster network, cluster innovation and transfer of technology, which make clusters growing. From developing stage to mature stage, cluster network and cluster innovation are important for cluster growing. The fifth chapter explains the driven forces of cluster netwok in clusters and the evolution of their functions, analyses the structure and effects of cluster netwok , give a example: a ripe cluster network- Silicon valley. The sixth chapter explains the driven forces of Cluster innovation evolution mechanism , diffusion system .Based on the theoretic analysis, the seventh chapter study three cases- Humen clothing-making cluster , Qingxi electronics industry cluster and Guzhen lamps and lanterns-making cluster. The chapter selects these three cases from Guangdong to make specific analysis in view of their different stages. The chapter illustrate cluster network and cluster innovation of three clusters, illustrate the evolutionary phases of the clusters learning mechanisms , the natures of industrial networks, and especially the dynamic mechanisms of the clusters. On that base, the author makes comparisonsbetween the three clusters .The eighth chapter proposes some suggestions and measures for regional industrial cluster to maintain the sustainable growing : economic function of local government, regional marketing, allocation of production factors, regional industrial organization among cluster and strengthening regional innovation system.The research on cluster is a new field either in china or outside. The article's innovation mainly lies in the following: the article put forward two elements-cluster network and cluster innovation to the sustain growing of clusters, puts emphasis on the cluster network and cluster innovation, the research on cluster network and cluster innovation which illustrate the structure and mechanism related to cluster sustainable growing. The article explains the driven forces of Cluster innovat...
Keywords/Search Tags:industrial cluster, cluster growing mechanism, cluster network, cluster innovation.
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