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The Research On Constructing Technical Innovation Capability Of Industrial Cluster And Governance

Posted on:2005-05-31Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360152468593Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Industrial cluster is a flexible organization of large scale between market and enterprise.It is also a new regional development model adapting to the new productive mode. Being ofsignificance to regional development, technological innovation and corporationdevelopment, it has drew more and more attention of researchers in the fields of economicgeography, corporation management, regional economics, industry economic and economicsociology etc. as well as regional policies makers. Seeing that the subject for research includes three front fields----industrial cluster,technical innovation, cluster governance, the paper based on the theory of management,new economics geography, new economics sociology, regional economics, industryeconomics, analyzes the intension of this three major fields, and deeply researches thedevelopment and evolution of innovative theory. And then according to the need ofconstruction and development of industrial cluster, the paper probes boldly the newdeveloping front field of cluster upgrading and cluster governance, basing on the domesticand international research results and realizes to the maximum extent the combination oftheoretical research and practice of constructing "optical valley". The main content of thepaper are: (1)The paper researches the theory of industrial cluster, technical innovation andnational innovational system from the dimensions of time and space. Industrial clustertheory discusses mainly spatial organization form of industry. But the technical innovationtheory only gives attention to the issues relative to technical innovation at the firm's level.So if we want to study the technical innovation of cluster, we need draw lessons fromspatial level theory about innovation system. (2)The paper analyzes the competition advantage of industrial cluster and points outthat industrial cluster innovation system is a kind of system of network that regards marketdemand as motivity, regards adjust and control of government as direction, good domesticand international environment as guarantee, thinks innovative technology as the core,regards realizing given industry innovation as the goal. At the same time, the paper pointsout that industrial cluster technical innovation includes corporations, colleges, scientificresearch organization, government, financial framework, medi-service agency and so on.Besides that, the paper mentions some factors which influence industrial cluster innovation. (3)The paper argues that the competition of industrial cluster comes from mainly IIItechnical innovation, and technical innovation has important relation to the knowledge andstudy in corporations. The course accumulated knowledge of industrial cluster isinterdynamic course of dominant knowledge and recessive knowledge. The social networkbased on social capital and regional produce network of industrial cluster is the knowledgeresource inside corporations. So based on definition to relevant concept, the paper analyzesthe connection of knowledge and industrial cluster capability, especially studies the internalrelation among resource, ability, knowledge and value creation; the connection ofcorporation knowledge and cluster knowledge, and then points out the cluster technicalcapability found on knowledge view. And at last it studies the way to improve clustertechnical capability----organizing studying. (4)Industrial cluster is a flexible organization of large scale between market andenterprise. It fetches up market glitch and rigidity of enterprise. At first the paper analyzesnetwork governance in cluster. At present the researches about cluster generally focus onindustrial cluster external affiliated mechanism and the problem about cluster upgrading.Global value chain is the basic tool to analyze. Network governance is a kind of tool toharmony and keep off the risk in economic activity among organizations. The base toharmony is the interaction b...
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