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High-tech Industry Cluster Analysis

Posted on:2005-06-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J S ShenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360122494379Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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Science and Technology are important drive and symbol for the economic development and human progress . In the final analysis modem social competition is the competition of national power which is mainly represented in the economic capacity and technological capacity. As the organic combination of science and economy and positive interactive carrier, high - tech industry has been the focus to compete. High - tech and industrial cluster become the important element to drive the increase of domestic economy . high - tech industry has made great progress in china. However compared with the western developed countries, there is obvious gap which represent not only in techniques system but in capital education social service agency and cultural tradition . On the purpose of shrinking the gap with western developed countries, and achieving planed catch - up strategy, the great breakthrough in the field of high - tech is needed . On the base of phenomenon of industrial cluster the text issues some specific suggestion and solutions.The most important industrial cluster theory made by foreign learners are, first MAKXIER bring up that scale economy leads to the formation of cluster, second , at the angle of geography position , WEB studied the formation of clusters and brought up the famous Region theory , the third ,the famous economist porter claimed to develop industrial clusters can improve the national competition . Compared with foreign experts , some learners in china such as Wang JICI and Tong XIN , also made deep research on industrial clusters. They emphases the importance of space and bring up the network - like innovative space, after absorbing the foreign achievement .At the aspect of eco - geography, some learners research industrial clusters and demonstrate the development of cluster . The author of the text explains the theories concerned with industrial cluster, after referring lot of economists' thesis, including first , the explanation to the main content of industrial cluster theory, such as The concepts characteristic and the effects of industrial cluster. Second, the academic analysis of industrial cluster phenomenon include analyzing the industrial cluster in the aspect of economy , the social and at last in the aspect of-technological economy.The high technology industrial cluster refers to the cluster of high technological corporations or the high technological industrial cluster, the especial industrial cluster's forming mechanism mainly includes three aspects , such as local hatching effects knowledge and skill's effectof diffusion and accumulation supporting effect of public structure and organization, subsequently , linking with the high technology industrial cluster's condition , the author of the text reviews the problems of high technology development, including the same structure of high technology in different regions, the inconspicuous convergence effects and the weakly relations between enterprises and organizations in high technology region, the unformed innovation environment which benefits the development of high technology industrial cluster-, thelimited scale of high technology industrial cluster in high technology region the lagging technology and the insufficient innovation.The author points out some countermeasures and steps about how to develop our high technology industrial clusters, which include three aspect content. First , implement mechanism innovation , which provide necessary requirement for high technology industrial cluster. The mechanism innovation firstly represents policy innovation and cooperation among production^ study ^ and research as well as reformations in venture capital region include the investment and financing innovation withdraw capital system innovation and so on .Second, further developing high technology industrial cluster by technological innovation, technology innovation is the infinite drive to high science and technology enterprises development. Perfecting every links of technology innovation promotes high technology industrial cluster.
Keywords/Search Tags:industrial cluster, network relation, innovation characteristic, region culture
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