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The Research On The Whole Life Cycle Engineering Cost Management

Posted on:2004-12-01Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360125470652Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The theory of the whole lifecycle engineering cost management is a very popular engineering cost management theory in the worldwide. It has been applied in the architectural engineering and installation widely. But it is a desk study in China. And it has not been applied in practice concretely. The purpose of this paper is to use the theory and method of whole life cycle engineering cost management that are popular and widely used in the worldwide for reference. From researching the whole lifecycle engineering project (including pre-construction period, construction period, service period, recondition and demolish period and so on), to study and establish the theory and basic methods which are suitable to the china's national conditions and accord with the international rules, and also have china's characters. To change all the whole lifecycle engineering cost management methods that are used in China now. According to this theory and basic methods, adopt the advanced technology and method, make and control the cost of engineering efficiently. To improve the level of management of the engineering project in investment decision period, design period, put into effect period, finishing period, testing period and production period. In order to get the best result of the investment, this paper is based on the theory of engineering cost domestic and abroad, and give consideration the architectural economy, fuzzy mathematics, systematic theory artificial intelligence, software engineering and computer science. To combine latest achievements of relevant circles abroad and the current situation of engineering cost management domestic, to make the whole study of the whole lifecycle engineering cost management and engineering cost informationlization and to make out the system of their model supporting system and computer information supporting system.The innovation of the paper lies in: The first, constituting theory system of the whole lifecycle engineering cost management, which is fit for Chinese characteristic, the paper analyses defects of the whole process engineering cost management, synchronously analyses meanings, character and theory frameworkof it. The second, in the full researching and adopting of the international standard of project period dividing and combining domestic actual situation. It has made a scientific and reasonable period dividing of the whole lifecycle engineering cost management that is suitable for the construction domestic, and materials of the period of the engineering cost management. The third, the analysis and calculating of the whole lifecycle engineering cost, including the basic concepts of calculating the lifecycle, make sure the cost circles and cost functions of lifecycle, the calculating formula of lifecycle period cost, the analyzing step of lifecycle, the maths model of cost calculating of lifecycle. The fourth is that, The uniform calculation of the whole lifecycle engineering cost, its aim is to supply model supporting system to whole lifecycle engineering cost management. It concludes two aspects, one side is engineering cost uniform methods, which lies in different time of different trades and items, and computer management processes, the other side is to calculate and confirm the cost of the existing engineering project, based on finished information of engineering cost. Uniform calculation of the whole lifecycle engineering cost is the guide -line of calculation. It can carry through construction's cost calculation, cost calculation of intending run defending, thereby, we can carry through lifecycle's cost calculation. The fifth, information's supporting system of the whole lifecycle engineering cost is engineering cost CALS, which includes the conception of engineering cost, main problems, analytical measures of model, system structure of information system and data bank designing. It is supported by information system of the whole lifecycle engineering cost management.
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