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Analysis On The Marketing Mix Strategy Of Commercial Bank In Game Theory

Posted on:2005-01-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:A X LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360125962028Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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With the quick process of finance globalization, competitions among banks have become more furious than ever before. It shows the direct competition in the power of marketing. We can say,the power of marketing is the key point to the bank existence and development. Now that we have entered the WTO, what should our weak banking do? How should we strengthen ourselves to meet the challenge from much stronger overseas banks? These are the inevitable problems for all decision-makers, industrialists and theorists to be confronted with. The study methods are still traditional economics and administrations even if the new theories on the marketing have been emerging endlessly. It is a new attempt to analyze and understand the marketing mix strategy in the game theory from a new angle. Combining the game analysis with the marketing theory, this dissertation is to do some researches on the practice of commercial banks in marketing. First, the dissertation fully analyzes the complicated and changeable market environment after our banking entering WTO. Then, it compares the marketing mix theory and the practice with international ones in order to expound the problems, differences and reasons so as to make the power of marketing among our commercial banks an objective orientation. Finally, it makes pertinently systemic analysis and adequate demonstrations on the product strategy, the price strategy, the place strategy, the promotion strategy and the international promotion strategy, relating with the market practice in our commercial banks in order to have a definite object in view and draw a real and constructive conclusion theoretically. Meanwhile, it advances idiographic measures to improve our commercial bank marketing in the end of each chapter and make a combination with theoretical feasibility to practical performance on the basis of game theories. There are some brief illuminations and main results in the following ten chapters:Chapter I. Introduction. It expounds the following contents: the background, purpose and signification of this dissertation as well as some correlative researches around the world; including study structure, methods and some innovations. Chapter II.The Basic Theory of Commercial Banks' the Marketing Mix Strategy. Frist, analyze the connotation of Commercial Banks' the Marketing Mix Strategy and broaden its connotation. Second, the characters and profound significance of the marketing mix strategy are expounded. Last, the complicated and changeable market environment has deeply influenced the marketing power and conduction of our banking. The dissertation analyzes the marketing environment in China systemically from three levels. Chapter III. Compare of the International Marketing Mix Strategy in American and Japan. Comparing with the international marketing mix strategy such as those in America and Japan, it is obvious to discover their common characteristics that are novelty, variety and differentiation of products. Take price differentiation strategy and non-price strategy to avoid the price war and gain more profits. To expand the business realm with internet-banks, taking merger ( acquisition and international channels. Put into a new promotion model with client-manager system and public relationship. Analyze the differences between the two countries. Expound the revelation by comparing finally.Chapter IV. The Evolvement, Problems and Challenge of the Marketing Mix Strategy in China. Three problems have been researched in this chapter. 1. It shows the three evolvement periods of the marketing mix strategy in China. 2. It expounds the characters and existing problems of our marketing mix strategy. 3. The corresponding countermeasures are considered. (1) Rectify the emphasis of product exploitation, and change save and loan products into off-balanced sheet business, from wholesale into retail. Take differentiation strategy so as to change the unhealthy product similarity, transform imitation to novelty mainly. (2) Advocate off-balance sheet business charge to match the servi...
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