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Community Democracy: An Interpretation Of Chinese Democracy Politics In The Transforming Period

Posted on:2005-06-20Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360125967255Subject:Political Theory
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The core problem of modern politics is democracy. For a nation-state, the kind and approach of democracy-building depends not on the will of any person, any stratum or political power, but on its basic national condition and society quality finally. Striving for democracy is the basic political objective of Chinese revolution. The socialist democratic politics has become the common understanding of contemporary Chinese with the founding of the People's Republic of China and its democratic principle and socialism political institution. The superiority of socialist democracy is the combination of state-democracy and society-democracy, the principle of people's democracy not only expressed in the political life and political system of state, but also displayed by people's direct participation in the social affairs and the democratization of social life. However, the profound and lasting influence of traditional political culture, the wanting of the democratic and legal ideas, and the lack of the autonomy tradition and force, only the socialist state transfer democratic thought into the common understanding of all society, combine it with the social force, and expand the people's democracy consciousness and ability of political participation with the democratic practice, the people's democracy should be realized universally. Therefore, the key of socialist democracy-building depends not only on the establishment of the state democratic institution setting from the country condition, but also on democracy rooted in the social life firmly.Before the reform-and-open policy, because of the logic of party-state and the unbalanced relationship between state and society, in spite of the resident committee endowed with autonomy quality by organ law, in fact it was a politicized and administrative organ through which the Chinese Communist Party and government conformed and controlled city society. Since the development of the reform-and-open activity, one of the important developments of socialist democratic politics shows in the community. The reconstruction and the development of community autonomous organ, changes of community model, and the frustration and development of community democracy is the important component of political development in transforming period. The economic system reform has changed the matter resources, migration of people, social life method, society autonomy as well as the power and profit relationship between the central government and local government, moreover, the traditional society structure of city began to spilt and disintegrate. The modernization of a nation not only embodies the disintegration of the society structure, but also embodies the re-conformity of the spilt society, and the modernization also needs the stable social political orders. Facing this kind of new requirement, the government begins to rebuild the resident committee. As time goes on ,pushed by the ripping base of social economic, the growing capacity of social autonomy , the raising consciousness of civil rights, the changing relationship between state and society and the needs of that government keeps social order and seeks legal foundation, the community system has changed from the administration-dominated system to the community-autonomy system. Marked by the direct-election of community resident committee and innovation of community organ, the community has been moving towards democratization step by step.The community democracy has produced the double consequence. On one hand, as the best methods to model qualified modern citizen, the "community democracy" can cultivate the political characters and the consciousness and ability of political participation of city dwellers gradually, it also can satisfy the requirement of political participation of city dwellers and relieve the pressures of the democratization that the nation has been enduring, thus the solid social base for socialist democracy should be established. On the other hand, the current significance of "community democracy?...
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