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Study On Sustainable Developing Oil And Gas Resource Security System In China

Posted on:2005-09-12Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q S WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360152470564Subject:Mineral prospecting and exploration
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Oil and gas resource is a kind of strategic resource, the security of oil and gas resource in a country concerns not only on national economic sustainable development, but also produces a far-reaching effect on the international economic structure and political, military situation. The purpose of assuring oil and gas resource security is to reach the goal of developing the national economy in a sustainable, steady and healthy way. From a view of a medium and long term development, the supply-demand contradiction of oil and gas will be very prominent, it is an inevitable choice for us to ensure the supply of oil and resource steadily by global resource allocation in the course of economic development. The Party's 16th conference has set a goal of constructing a entire being fairly well-off society as "on the basis of optimizing structure and increasing efficiency, the GDP in 2020 will be doubled than it in 2000, the integrated nationalpower and international economic ability will be obviously raised.......The ability of sustainabledevelopment will grow unceasingly, ecological environment will be improved, and resource utilization efficiency will be raised prominently, all these will promote a perfect harmony between human beings and nature, propel the whole society forward in way of developed production, prosperous life and favorable ecology." So it has a far-reaching significance for us to work out strategies and countermeasures on oil and gas security which conforms to the situation in our country, we must take both the international political and economic situation and new trends in international oil and gas market into consideration, from visual angle of globalization, taking sustainable development as basic principle, not only reveal theoretically the macro and micro mechanism of oil and gas resource security on the basis of sustainable development, but also by means of positive study and international comparison .The main purpose of this paper lies in, from an eye of multidisciplinary crossed including resource industry economics, macroeconomics, international politics and sustainable development theory, etc. analyze theoretically the relation among oil and gas resource security, sustainable development and international politics, economy and trade in a all around way, to construct and depict a theoretical system on sustainable developing oil and gas resource security system and to establish a evaluation model and corresponding index system in order to assess the situation of oil and gas resource security in our country, and finally puts forward a pertinent andfeasible strategy on sustainable developing oil and gas resource security. The author of this paper believes that, the global climate change is both a global energy environment problem and international political and economic problem, it has already aroused general attention by international society, and it is sure to affect the trends of energy development strategy and policy in China directly, exert a direct influence to oil and gas resource security. This is the theoretic premise research on sustainable developing oil and gas resource security system. Oil and gas resource security is an important integrant of national economy security. On one hand it is "development", which refers to the ability a national economic system owns to realize oil and gas industry sustainable development, on the other hand it is "stabilization", means the quality, state and ability a national economic system owns to resist, eliminate all kinds of interference, threat and aggression to assure the national economy operating in a stable and healthy way, especially the ability to overcome the economic confusion caused by energy supply stoppage. This belongs to an endogenous mechanism for oil and gas resource security strategies. It is a practical basis for us to take a path of new type industrialization in oil and gas resource security strategy. Maintain ecological system in a stable and orderly way, building up an integral viewpoint of resource environment, to realize ecotype in...
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