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Western Nation Regional Political Civilization Studies

Posted on:2006-01-07Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X G ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360152483413Subject:Marxism-Leninism Ethnic Theory and Policy
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The goals of China modernization and the building of a well-off society in an all-round way are developing socialistic democracy and political civilization which have been confirmed on the 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Political civilization construction in minority areas of west China will be achieved by subjecting to general principles adapting to the comprehensive building of a well-off society, strengthening democracy construction, pushing forward the reform of political systems, insisting and improving various political systems, innovating and perfecting the art of leading and governance, establishing legal governance and so on, it should be combine with the realistic context of west in order to resolve the political issues appropriately. At present, the socialistic political civilization of west is facing certain significant issues, such as political stability, establishment of debug institution of interrelationship between ethnic groups, autonomous system of minority regions, enhancement of administration abilities of government and Communist Party of China and so on.This dissertation adopts an interdisciplinary approach and combines theory with facts. The introduction gives a brief manifestation on general principles of political civilization construction in China. Chapter one introduces the basic conditions of west minority areas and points out the necessities of conducting political civilization construction and retrospect's to theachievements made in this aspect and the status quo.Chapter 2 analyzes the contextual conditions of it and the policies and Principles of Political civilization construction in minority areas of west.The issue of political stability should be highlighted in political civilization construction of west minority areas. It is unavoidable the political instable elements occurs in the process of high-speed modernization in these areas. As well-known politician Samuel Huntington pointed out that "modernity means stability and modernization means instability". Certainly, the engendered and existing of instable elements means nothing but the possibility of instability. Only if these instable elements arrive at some level, the political instability will be changed into reality. In the political civilization construction of west minority areas, it is significant to make these instable elements under controls in order to avoid the realistic political instability. Chapter 3 provides the policies for maintaining the political stability.The issue of establishing the debug institution of interrelationship between various ethnic groups is crucial in political civilization construction in west minority areas. The ethnic-relation is a significant political relation in these areas. The present situation of ethnic-relation results from continuous adaptation and construction through the policies and other political means by CPC and government which is still undergoing changes accompanying with the development of ethnic groups and flux of circumstances. Chapter 4 outlined the basic types of ethnic-group in west, main influential elements andthe debug institution which gives priority to legal adaptation and at same time is supplemented by administrative and social adaptation.The issue of developing the abilities of local government is another significant issue in political civilization construction in west minority areas. The backwardness of government system in these areas results in fettering the economic development. Thus in the process of developing the west and all-round well-off society, we have to be guided by reformed concepts and break through by improve the government functions. One of crucial targets in present economic schedules of local governments is to improve the investment and management environment in order to build a favorable market system which also is an important task of political civilization construction. This target will be arrived at by quickening the transformation of governmental functions through innovative institutions and focusin...
Keywords/Search Tags:minority areas of west China, political construction, Political development, proposal policies
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