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The Present Situation And Countermeasures Of Ideological And Political Education In Minority Areas In China

Posted on:2017-06-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T S LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330488496290Subject:Ideological and political education
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China is a country made by many minorities.All minorities living together in China since ancient times.Gradually formed the situation of the fifty-six nations prosperity and solidarity.However,in recent years.The minorities violent crime occurred time to time at minority area.Seriously damaged the stability and development of the local community.So how to better sum up the lessons of history to improve the ideological and political education work.So as to promote the minority areas' development which is one of the main problems in our country.Also the main starting point and foothold of this thesis.The ethnic minority areas are the areas that mainly live in the minority areas.Mainly in the northwest, southwest and northeast and other regions of China.The ideological and political education in the minority areas is a political party or country doing organized and planned national and national education for minority people in the minority areas.It is a kind of objective practice, which can make the policy and leadership theories be implemented and carried out in the minority areas.This thesis is based on the methodology of Marx's methodology.And combines the relevant theoretical knowledge of the ideological and political education.Mainly uses the method of multivariate analysis, literature data and practical investigation method,and interdisciplinary research method. This thesis focuses on the ideological and political education of minority areas in China.Although the Han ethnic group in minority areas have a considerable proportion.But the Han ethnic group as the object of ideological and political education and its ideology and subjective initiative play a subtle influence on the environment of ideological and political education.Therefore, this thesis will treat Han people and other minorities as a research object.This will contributing to the development of research work.Through literature search,there are few precedents on the ideological and political education of the minority nationalities as the selected topic and put the "Chinese dream" and "socialist core values" into the ideological and political education of ethnic minorities at the same time in the existing research results of the ideological and political education discipline at present.So the selection of topics and the definition of the ideological and political education is the innovation point of this thesis.This thesis mainly start research and discussion from these following aspects: Firstly,revealed the purpose and significance of this article which is to maintain the national security and stability,promoting economic and social development and cultural prosperity in the minority areas and promoting the development and innovation of the ideological and political education;Secondly, this thesis analyzes the experience and characteristics of the ideological and political education in the minority areas in the history of our party.Put forward the historicalbasis of formulating national policies, especially the national education policy;Thirdly, this thesis analyzes the current situation of the ideological and political education in the minority areas in China. Different minorities educate subject have different characteristics.Such as complexity and multiple-level and so on.The ideological education environment in minority areas is also divided into the internal and external structure of the permeability and interactive.The current ideological and political education in the ethnic areas still has problems such as the old lag, the lack of innovation and other issues;Finally, Combined with the national work of the foreign countries, it is told that our party should adhere the equality of all ethnic groups' development.And constantly improve the legislation in the field of minorities.And puts forward the conclusion and countermeasures against the current situation of ideological and political education.To persist the educational content,like the basic theory of Marx and the education of ethnic minorities and the excellent traditional cultural education and education of the concept of national unity and so on.In particular, the "Chinese dream" and "socialist core values" should be included in the ideological and political education of the minority nationalities.To persist the educational method like environmental influence method and model demonstration method and interactive communication method and so on.
Keywords/Search Tags:Minority Areas, Ideological and Political Education, Minority Areas Masses, National Solidarity, Leadership of The Party
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