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China's Road Of Peaceful Development Research

Posted on:2006-03-26Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360152490905Subject:Scientific socialism
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As China unceasingly develops its overall national strength and puts forward the objective of building a well-off society in an all-round way, more and more worldwide attentions are attracted to China's future development: what kind of role will China play in the future international situation? Whether the development and rising of China will injure the benefit of other countries and cause new wars, thus becoming a factor of instability against the worldwide development? etc. The substance is which road China will take to develop itself. Therefore, the road China takes to develop itself bears on the fulfillment of socialist modernization, the adjustment of international relations, the clarification of various suspicions, and the refutation of many fallacies. Since the reform and opening up, during the socialist practice, China has opened the road of development suitable for its situation and the period's characteristics: one on which by connecting with the economic globalization, rather than separating from it, China is building socialism with Chinese characteristics and developing in peace independently. The choice of developing in peace clearly shows the world that as a socialist country, China is determined to promote worldly peace with its own development while developing itself in preserving the peace under the era which holds peace and development as the themes. The road China takes to develop itself is one that requires China to rely on its own force, to search for its potentials, to focus on overall coordination and to realize the coherence of society, on which China perfects its society system by innovation in regulations, and that is based on the world common benefit and China's fundamental benefit and will enable China to realize the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.In addition to the prelude, the text contains seven chapters. The prelude mainly explains the reasons for the study of China's peacefully developing road and the basic thread of this article. The establishment of China's peacefully developing road is not only the need of socialist construction, but also the need of clarifying kinds of doubts, refuting various fallacies and building up the good international image of China .Even more, it is the positive and active response to the theme of the time and the developing trend of the world.The first chapter generally demonstrated the primary and the main bases of China's peacefully developing road, which is different from the developing road of western developed capitalist country and the traditional socialist country. The essential prerequisite for China's peacefully developing road is independence and self-reliance; the essential way is to take part in globalization actively and to open to the world thoroughly; the essential impulse is to impel the reformation in all sides conforming to the development of the time; the essential object is to create an atmosphere of peace at home and abroad. The development of the time and the internal peace of socialist essence require China to take the peacefully developing road, which not only correspond to China's ultimate good and the world's common good, but also is the consistent principle of China's diplomatic policies and external character of traditional cultural basic specialty.The second chapter mainly talks about the peace-developing road of China. It includes the domestic and overseas factor. Now China is and will be in the primary stage of communism for a long time and the world's communism movement is in the low period, which all determine the long-term and twist of the peace-developing road of China. Now the international environment is the globalization, the multipolarity of international situation, the democratization of international relationship, the variety of worlds civilization, the era which holds peace and development as the themes. The national environment is the unharmonious factor appearing in the economic development, much abuse of political structure, incompletion about China's unity. The defect existing in the unsettlement of the uniq...
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