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Study Of Regional Economic Cooperation In East Asia

Posted on:2006-06-01Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y C JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360152490923Subject:International politics
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The economic globalization of the world and regional economic integration become two major characteristics of economic development in our times. Under the development of the two trends running side by side, the regional cooperation becomes a outstanding characteristic of global economy, and is being strengthened constantly. As the effective means to deal with regional problem, the regional cooperation can make the country concentrate strength and obtain the best interests from the positive external effect, and can make the country lighten the negative effect of the external effect . For various reasons, the economic cooperation in East Asia is developed insufficiently before the cold war. After the cold war, especially since the breaking out of Asian financial crisis, the paces of economic cooperation of East Asia have been obviously accelerated. Various kinds of regional and sub-regional cooperation appear constantly. But the Economic Cooperation Organization which covers all countries in the region haven't appeared. The wherefores deserve to be studied; Most people think that the East Asian countries will move towards economic cooperation. They have different opinions on when and how to operate. This thesis will put forward my own suggestion on the basis of comparing synthetically; As one emerging big country , under the trend of the regionalization of East Asia , what measures should China should take to safeguard her interests , seize the opportunity, meet the challenge, and gain development? Proposing countermeasures is one of the writing purposes of the thesis, too.This thesis is made up of the introduction and nine chapters, its concrete content is as follows: the introduction is mainly dealing with the selection of the title of the thesis and the clarification of the relevant concept. It proves the value of study from meaning of the selection of the title of the thesis, current research situation , research approach and innovation ,etc, and has defined the important concept that this thesis involved. Chapter one of the thesis has reviewed the history of economic cooperation of East Asia, the time span will be from the establishment of Association of South-east Asian Nations to 2004, its main clue is time. But it also takes other factors into consideration , such as the qualitative change of the economic cooperation form and the enlargement of the cooperative range ,etc. Chapter two analysed the reasons of economic cooperation in East Asia. The author uses the level law while analysing, namely from the whole world , region , country three levels, the whole world is the environment that economic cooperation of East Asia take place. The closer connection day by day at the regional level is the objective motive force of economic cooperation , and the choice of participating in regional economic cooperation on the foundation of understanding of their national benefits is the subjective motive force of economic cooperation. The third chapter mainly Analyses the negative factors in economic cooperation of East Asia. The analysis is doing in different fields, namelyshowing the negative factors in economic cooperation of east Asia from all respects , such as politics , economy , culture , religion ,etc. Then the author puts forward his own opinions as to how to overcome these factors. Chapter four describes the important relation in this region, including the relations, between East Asia and the big countries, international organizations outside the region. It also covers the important relations inside the region, the focal point of its analysis is on the relation between the first big country of world -U.S.A. and most important international organization of the Asian-Pacific area --APEC and east Asia economic cooperation, mainly because there are too deep origins in east Asian countries and U.S.A., and most east Asian countries are all members of APEC. In addition, this chapter has also analysed the relations with big countries , such as Russia, international organizations , such as European Union, etc.. Finally, the c...
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