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Research On Optimized Distribution Of Land Resoures In Xinjiang And Sustained Development Of Regioned Economy

Posted on:2006-08-29Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:C L PuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360155950869Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Land is the basis and carrier of existence of human society. Regional feature represented by quantity and quality of land resources greatly influences and determines the course and pattern as well as efficiency of resources distribution of a regional economic development. At the age of transformation and opening, the means, structure and regional difference of distribution have substantially changed thereafter. Land resources in Xinjiang have absolute priority in existing variety and quantity as well as inferiority in low transformation efficiency. Probe in its differential feature and distribution principle has significant guidance in the sustainability of regional economy. This research, from the point of view of sustainable development of regional economy, analyzes comprehensively and systematically the present situation of the distribution in Xinjiang. Based on production function model analysis technique of Kerb Doglas and statistics of 20 years, it has calculated contribution ratio and correlation ratio to the regional economy in terms of capital, technique, system and labor resources. This indicates that the distribution lies in the first stage, demonstrating "bias capital technique pattern". The result of analysis further verifies major problems such as poor natural conditions, sluggish infrastructure in land resources distribution in addition to bottlenecks like technique and fund shortage. The research, with the use of qualitative and quantitative study, has provided a comparatively integrated analysis framework in carrying out the analysis of divergence ratio of resources elements'impact. On the basis of location theory and theory of property right, the research has given a scientific analysis of the connotation, thread, motivation of changes and course of land resources distribution model; and constructed the optimized land resources distribution system applicable to Xinjiang: multi-leveled progressive target structure, two–period array of structure, pluralistic key structure, planning and market combined distribution approach, scissors-typed space-region structure, H type structure of production, structure of land utilization transformation and dynamic delivery mechanism as well. It is aimed at putting forward six models of optimized distribution that suit conditions in Xinjiang, for they will...
Keywords/Search Tags:land resources, optimized distribution, Xinjiang
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