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Village Election Politics: A Survey Of The Election Case From 1998 To 2005

Posted on:2008-06-03Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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With occurrence and rising of the grass root democracy, the citizens of our country understand the concrete meaning of the election more and more clearly. Many typical village election cases display that many problems exist in the country election system in our nation. For instance, one case about the exorbitant price buying votes for election in LaoJiaoTou village of ShanXi, another case about recalling the village officer in the stone village of GuangZhou etc. These typical cases provide us a great deal of material to introspect that our citizens suffer the frustration in the process of the politic participation. The main purpose of this dissertation is to analyze the election process by analyzing a great deal of typical election cases, and to find out which link could be easy to appear some problems by comparison and analyze these cases, in order to we can have already been to put forward an advanced project. This will be advantageous to us for perfecting the election system in our nation. I have collected four thousand election cases in the election affairs from 1998 to 2005. In consideration of our country region difference of economic level and the unbalance of political structure in district, I select fifty percent of all the examples. Moreover, I carry on a classification to the sample according to the basis steps of election process, and then I statistic and analyze these each link of the example of the typical model. And I drew the time trend diagram, district of each step to distribute diagram, the result comparison diagram. We can know the present of our country election condition and existent related problem of the development.In the course of a nation's modernization, the election become approved and accepted by more and more people as a mean of practice democracy. Particularly, the election politics show its political function in the activity of political practices. The village election politic, as the ex-est to follow of democracy developing, reveal itself from our national political original intention and the benefits of the votes. The election politics have grown up healthy and strong along with steps of practice. Especially in the recent a few years, the election politics confirm the progress of politics, embryonic and growing up of democracy in the process of the village democracy fulfillment, after carrying on the law of the country election. However, this kind of growth couldn't have been accomplished in short time. Its process includes the contest of the elite and the public, and just achieved the ownership of the authority and legitimacy. This is a logic process of the village election politics, is the system concept of the political life, is also the huge achievement of the democracy going to the country.Around this subject, the writer established the stance of this dissertation and assured the writing method. It is a new academic theories research in order to make up the blemish in policy research, after the policy research, and is a kind of substantial evidence research that turns deeply to the individual case. It's a greatly creative to use statistics and analytical method, and to analyze and induce the data. On this foundation, the organic combination of the substantial evidence method and the norm research make the theories basis become more convictional.The main parts of the dissertation include: (1)the election politics in the theories field, (2)the original intention of the nation and the votes claim,(3)the election contest—the elite and the public, (4)the election conclusion—establish the authority and legitimacy.The main view of the first part is the election politics in the theories field. In the modern democratic nation, the election has its extremely important position as a system linking the nation and society. Moreover, we can say that it's the premise of democratic. We can investigate the election by various aspects, but by theories field, we can only discuss on four aspects of its meaning, function, principle and procedure.The second part, the election starting: the original intention of the nation and the votes claim. In this chapter, we select many typical election cases in a period between 1998 and 2005 as research objects, and we can acknowledge the original intention of the nation and the claim of the votes in the process of village election through analyzing each step.The third part, the election contest—the elite and the public. The final result of the election may be that the country elite may come from common village people, may also come from out of the village. He may be a student that have already accepted the higher education, or be of a experience expert, technique framework, management professional etc, as long as he become the elite of that region. They usually have a dual identity. The village entrepreneur who hold the post of a village master, he is a political elite, is also an economic elite. Some graduated students who return to home after completing their studies, they is the knowledge elite, is also a political elite.The fourth part, establish the authority and legitimacy controversy. The village democracy election have been taken into effect in this ancient earth of china as a kind of procedure, a kind of process, a kind of means. The practice will cause unprecedented benefits integration and divide, as a result, the conflict and contest is unavoidable concerning the authority and the legitimacy.Certainly, this dissertation still exist much blemish, especially the complication of the data collections causes many problems, and the depth of the theories is still not enough. But intentions of the writer lie in pushing academic theories research, not a policy confirm limited to the individual cases.
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