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Communist Party Of China "People-oriented" Concept Of Governing

Posted on:2008-03-29Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360215986812Subject:Chinese Communist Party
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Introduction of this paper, mainly from the historical perspective ofa "people-oriented" concept analysis Note in the history of Chinesecivilization core; the first chapter, "a" people-oriented "ideology ofOrigin" China is the thinking of ancient China, the Western humanitarianthinking of the interpretation of history for a brief review and comment.and systematically expounded on the Chinese Communist Partyleadership core of three generations of the "people" thinking of the richhistory;Ⅱ, "a" people-oriented "concept of governing the content andcharacteristics," focus on what is the "governing philosophy" conceptualanalysis, and summed up the Communist Party of China"'people-oriented' ruling idea" of the new features; ChapterⅢ, "theChinese Communist Party" people-oriented "concept of governing theexploration and practice," focusing on the 10 analyzed with Comrade HuJintao as the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, sinceassuming office, In practice the "people-oriented" concept of governancehas taken major initiatives and the positive results, referred to as "10";ChapterⅣ"practice" people-oriented "concept of governing experienceand lessons, with difficulty," selective focus on the Soviet CommunistParty lost power in Congress and the lessons of the Cuban CommunistParty consolidate its ruling status by the five A post-mortem analysis ofthe current party cadres, especially the contingent of impact on the party's achievements in governance and the ruling image of the series;Ⅴ, "thefull implementation of a" people-oriented "concept of governancecountermeasures and thinking," to improve the party's governingcapability and effectiveness as the theme, the party proposed to attachgreat importance to and vigorously improve the ability of the four, thatthe strategic decision-making capabilities, the ability to access the people,cadres and the ability of anti-corruption capacity; Concluding remarks,clarify "the achievement of comprehensive human development" is theruling Communist Party of China are the fundamental goals and theeternal pursuit Building harmonious "public official" building aharmonious relationship is the foundation of society, and a harmonioussociety is to achieve the comprehensive development of the necessaryenvironment.
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