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Studies Of Japan's Foreign Relations With China In Perspective Of National Psychology Of Japan

Posted on:2009-06-19Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360272455296Subject:International relations
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National psychology refers to the distinctive psychological make-up of particular nations, ethnic groups or peoples, and to distinctive "mix" of the emotion, the hobby, the custom, the prejudice, the faith, the psychology states which is culturally reinforced.The national psychology, as inner driving force of a nation, has important influence and function on the decision of the development of the country, state policies and treatment of international relations.This thesis starts with the psychological characteristics of Japan, such as group consciousness, rank idea, loyal consciousness, the national superiority and inferiority, the crisis consciousness, etc., and then analyzes Japan's altering psychology to China through comprehensive examination of its psychological course of Chinese cognition since modern times. Upon that, this thesis carries on its psycho-analysis of current historical problem, the Taiwan issue, the East-China Sea oil-gas conflicts which have troubled Sino-Japanese relations and Japan's foreign policy towards China and finally gives the forecast on the development prospect of Sino-Japanese relations.This thesis thinks Japan is a country with unique national psychology. The dual character of its national psychology and cultural difference between China and Japan curb the development of Sino-Japanese relations.Currently, the over-all problem between China and Japan is their national orientation and psychological adjustment facing China's rise as the Asian centre. Faced with the rise of China, Japan, which has long been considered itself a leading-country in Asia, must experience a top-down process of psychological adjustment. Its psychological characteristics of Japan show us the progress and development of China is the decisive power to promote Sino-Japanese relations healthily. In a new perspective, the national psychology, the author carry out this paper by use of the interdisciplinary knowledge of ethnology, sociology, psychology, history and international political science etc., and related theoretical approach.It is the author's hope that this thesis, under the current international situation, will be helpful for the Chinese people to have a deeper understanding of Japan and regard the development of Sino-Japanese relations correctly in a rational and objective manner.
Keywords/Search Tags:Japan, National psychology, Sino-Japanese relations
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