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Japan's Policy Towards Taiwan And Japan-Taiwan Relations In The Post-cold War Era

Posted on:2009-09-01Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360275956867Subject:International relations
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Taiwan Issue is Chinese internal affairs and core interests.However,with the Cold war coming to an end,Japan not only changes its low-pitched attitude to Taiwan,but also starts to develop non-civil relations with Taiwan and intervene in Taiwan Issue.The change of Japanese attitude has a serious impact on the normal development of Sino-Japanese relations.Japan has been the international factor of Taiwan Issue which only less important than the United States.The end of the Cold War and the establishment of Japanese "national development strategy" become the great background of the adjustment of Japanese policy to Taiwan.There is a "two power" international structure,so Japan regards the development and strong of China as a threat,and claim to contain the rise of Chinese with Taiwan.Base on the strategy of "using Taiwan to contain China",Japan starts to loose the restriction of contact of Japanese and Taiwan official,so the frequencies,the rank of people and the fields of contact have been greatly improved or extended.The adjustment of Japanese policy to Taiwan is not only linked with the establishment of Japanese national development strategy,but also closely connected with Taiwan's "Love-knot for Japan" and Japan's "Complex about Taiwan" which are resulted and driven by Japan's 50-year colonial rule over Taiwan.And the so-called "love knot" and "complex" have been the social and psychological factors which affect the change of Japan-Taiwan relations.It must be pointed out that the development of Japan-Taiwan relations is also closely linked with American East Asia policy and the adjustment of its strategy towards China.Moreover Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party Administration has initiated a diplomatic attack to Japan and the "politically cold and economically warm" of Sino-Japanese relations impact the development of Japan-Taiwan relations too.It can be estimated that Japan will continue to promote the non-civil relations with Taiwan for the sake of the strategy of "using Taiwan to contain China".But due to the great importance of China to Japan,Japan will promote its relations with Taiwan under the precondition that Sino-Japanese relation will not be broken up by it.Moreover,as the main ally of America in Asia,the development of Japan-Taiwan relations has been and will be restricted by American overall strategy towards China and Taiwan.In the long term,the evolution of Japan-Taiwan relations will be limited.
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