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The Right To Life And Its Security Research

Posted on:2010-11-07Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360278454427Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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Life is the most valuable in the world. The right to life is the foundation of all human rights. As a fundamental right, the right to life is what a person should have. It is not only a universal minimum level of moral right, but also a legal right. The people should enjoy the rights not to be arbitrarily deprived of life and to receive life protection in the crisis. Why the right to life has become a fundamental right, we should not go looking for the right of its own; instead, we should be up in the search for life. Just because life its own is the reason and base of being, the right to life has became a fundamental. This idea has a brilliant analysis in Kant's viewpoint of people being the purpose and Marx's viewpoint of people-oriented. At the same time, as a prevalent trend of thoughts, utilitarianism has inevitably an important impact on the protection of the right to life. However, it denies a fundamental distinction between life and benefits, so it has a limitation in the protection of the right to life.Government has a duty in the protection of the right to life. National duty has two aspects: one is not to do , which means government should not kill people without proper reasons; the other is to do, which requires government takes positive measures to protect the people's life effectively. Moreover, individuals have also a certain obligation for the protection of the right to life. The protection of the right to life should be followed by three major ethical principles in the implementation: the principle of respecting for life, the principle of doing good, and the principle of justice.The protection of the right to life of our country is not working well in the social rights awareness, the legal protection of life, and education. There are three causes. First, the traditional society was difficult to generate the rights subjects. Second, the modern society increases the proliferation effect of duty. The third and most important cause is the neglect on our values. So, in the protection of the right to life in our country ,we should strengthen legal protection, build the social and cultural respect for right to life, and perfect the governmental duty in the protection of the right to life.
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