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"people-oriented" Interpretation Of Marxism And Its Practical Significance Of Thinking

Posted on:2009-12-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X D GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360242485945Subject:Marxist philosophy
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As a basic notion of the Scientific View of Development, people oriented is the value orientation for Chinese characteristic socialism as well as the basic guidance of all sorts of programs for us to insist on. Since the Scientific View of Development was put forward not long and the view of people oriented was defined more, people oriented was understood in a variety of ways. There's even thought against Marxism, which may leads to cognition chaos and practical harm. Thus, it has a great theoretical significance to grasp the information of the time; to insist on the stances of Marxism; to show the meaning of people oriented from the theory aspect and to expurgate the misunderstanding. Also it has a great practical significance in building a moderately prosperous society, because the view of people oriented lead the development of modern Chinese economy society. The controversies on the view of people oriented are mainly showed in the relationship between people oriented and humanism as well as citizen foremost. It is also showed in the connotation of people oriented. Most scholars hold that people oriented and humanism are the same when used in axiology. But they have different connotations when used in historical meaning, because they hold different views about people. Further more, people oriented has a more extensive connotation than citizen foremost does, so the former couldn't be replaced by the latter. In understanding people oriented, scholars concluded from different aspects, which can be summarized as that people are demanded being respected and served. Based on expounding the scientific connotation of Marxism on the nature of people, the writer will commence from these controversies to analyze the thought of people oriented according to Marxism. According to Marxist Philosophy, the nature of people is labor practice, is the sum of social relationship and is concrete as well as historic. As labor practice develops and changes continuously, the nature of people must change with it. Therefore, the connotation of people oriented changes with times. People oriented, the modern explanation of Marxism on people, could only be achieved by considering people as the foremost element in the life world.So,people oriented is not only a notion of anxiology but also a notion of historic. In China, people here means most Chinese people who undertake the modernization drive. Its scientific connotation demands that the development of people should be a basic element and people should be considered as the objective as well as motion of development.To analyze the thought of people oriented according to Marxism may help people understand that the thought on people is very important in the whole Marxist theory system. The thought of people oriented deepened Marxism on the masses interpretation of history and demands that people should become the real hosts of the society. At last, the thought of people oriented, which is the basic value of the society, is uniform intrinsically with the theory of Marxism on people's integrated development.
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