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A Study Of Socialist Ideology Construction

Posted on:2009-10-19Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z X ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360278466532Subject:Political Theory
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Based on the theory of Marxist ideology and the paper, applying multi-disciplinary theories and methods to practice, explores the establishment of socialist ideology in China from the perspective of scientific socialism. To start with the origin and evolution of ideological concept, the paper reveals the basic stance of Marxism ideological theory and explores the development of ideological concept and theory after Marx, defines the concept and features of socialist ideology and clarifies the relationship among these concepts: the mainstream ideology and socialist ideology, political party ideology and the state ideology, social ideology and Marxist ideology. Deepens research of Marxism guiding status as China's mainstream and spiritual essence in the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics and clears Chinese Marxism—the fundamental guiding ideology for the consolidation of the Party and the development of our country. Focusing on analyzing era situation, theoretical resources and historical reflection, the paper undertakes further research in the globalized ideology and analyzes wrong ideological trend and static influencing and impacting on China's mainstream ideology in the new stage of globalization to see clearly the penetration and challenge of western ideology to China's the mainstream ideology, analyzes the new characteristics of China's ideology in the background of globalization and summarizes experience in strengthening construction of mainstream ideology since China's reform and opening-up.Having identified the basic function of socialist ideology in politics, economics, culture, society, diplomatics, etc. the paper illustrates the basis points of value in building socialist ideology, that is, the construction of socialist ideology is based on the integration into the international community and the protection of national security, on social transformation and realization of social integration ,on the diversity of values and construction of socialist core value system, on strategy of capitalist ideology and construction of socialist ideology with Marxist mission and on economic-centred construction and promotion of people's free, comprehensive development. The paper also clarifies the leading role of party's ideology, that is, we should continually enhance Marxist steering force, influence and convincing, handle with the relationship between singlarity of guiding ideology and diversity of social consciousness, consolidate socialist ideology with Marxism dominant position in ideology, propose theoretical innovation by advancing with the times and constantly push forward the socialist ideology, uphold the principles to deal well with the relationship between ideology and other aspects, strengthen the concept and explore the inherent law and the innovation mechanism of the development of contemporary Chinese ideology to achieve synergy, enhance the support of whole society to the construction of socialist ideology, such as, the building of spiritual civilization and material input. And according to the new requirements of strengthening the construction of mainstream ideology in the new stage of comprehensively building a well-off society , it is essential to continuously improve the party's leadership over ideological work, the most fundamental work is to uphold and consolidate Marxism as guiding ideology. In practice, the Advancing of party ideology with the times is the core of building socialist mainstream ideology; strengthening ideological and moral construction is the basis of building socialist ideology, enhancing culture soft forces is its focus , science and technology innovation is its support, building socialist political civilization is its guarantee.The paper also explores new practice form of promoting socialist ideology and new methods and mechanisms of consolidating and strengthening Marxism guiding status in ideology in the new period and focuses on the innovative thinking for the construction of socialist ideology, enhances targeted and effective building of the mainstream ideology and strengthens the integration and attraction of the mainstream ideology in a clash of cultures and ideologies, its dominance and authority,its inclusiveness and integration, in order to realize its guiding role on people's perception and practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:Socialist Ideology, Ideological Function, Ideological Construction, Path Selection
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