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Basic Thinking Of The Modern Evolution Of The Political Civilization

Posted on:2011-04-29Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Political Civilization is an indispensable dimension in the human civilization, because it not only promotes the development and progress of man and society, but also serves as an important criterion for measuring the degree of civilization and level of development of a country or society. More importantly, in such a globalized world, political civilization, which is a significant component of the overall national strength as the soft power, has a direct impact on a country's international status and political influence. Therefore, the rise of the Chinese nation calls for our efforts to promote the modern evolution of the political civilization.Currently, the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics is in full swing all over the country and each cause has reached its growth to certain extent. Among them, economic construction has made remarkable achievements, which brings forward new requirements for the construction of Socialist Political Civilization with Chinese characteristics. And these requirements become increasingly prominent and urgent. Therefore, how to boost the evolution of the socialist political civilization with Chinese characteristics in modern times become the fundamental issue and important topic concerning further development of our national economy, the cause of the reform and opening up and even the overall socialist cause with Chinese characteristics.Based on the historical investigation of political civilization from the viewpoint of philosophy, this dissertation tries to help us understand and grasp the static political civilization through analyzing the dynamic evolution of the historical political civilization. Namely, it helps us understand and grasp the universal nature and the inevitability so as to reflect dynamically on the modern evolution of Chinese political civilization on the basis of the understanding of the static one.This dissertation is composed of three parts including introduction, body and conclusion.In the introduction part, it expounds the significance of the topic, the research status quo, the potential innovations, some research difficulties and main research methods.The body consists of six chapters. The first chapter is a general understanding of the political civilization, including three aspects---the basic connotation, the formation and the properties of political civilization, which provides the theoretical premise for reflecting on the modern evolution of Chinese political civilization.The second chapter is about the historical survey of both Chinese and Western political civilization, which is realized through analyzing the process of their development and historical evolution. Due to the complexity of the historical development of Chinese and Western political civilization, it is impossible to make a panoramic elaboration. So it only selects those of great importance and makes a generalization, which is the historical premise and ideological basis for the Chinese political civilization.The third chapter focuses on the value objective and realization of Marxism-oriented political civilization, which is the theoretical basis and guiding principle for modern political civilization of China. In other words, before discussion about modern evolution of Chinese political civilization, it is better to make deep comprehension about Marxism-oriented political civilization. The importance of political civilization lies in that the value objective established plays a role of guidance to practice. Therefore, the correct understanding and grasping of Marxism-oriented political civilization boils down to its value objective and realization,which is also the fundamental basis for the existence of Marxism-oriented civilization.Chapter four elaborates the reflection on the modern evolution of Chinese political civilization from the perspective of both the ideal and reality of political civilization. The progress and development of human civilization is realized through the unity and spiral advancement of the ideal and the reality, so does that of political civilization. Pursuing the ideal good of political civilization is the eternal theme of human society, while the reality of evil is the permanent being in our society. And the evolution of political civilization is gradually realized through the contradictory development between the ideal of good and the reality of evil. Thus the modern evolution of the Chinese political civilization is also achieved through the unity of the ideal and reality.The fifth chapter elucidates the modern evolution of Chinese political civilization from both the traditional and modern point of view. As far as a country and its people are concerned, tradition is the root of civilization. As an ancient civilized country, China underwent thousands of years of evolution and development. In this long historical process, traditional virtue-oriented civilization survived and even took a dominant position for more than two thousand years. And there appeared many splendid political achievements, too. Therefore, the modern evolution of Chinese political civilization needs to inherit and develop the positive and discard the negative sides of traditional virtue-oriented civilization. Meanwhile, the relationship between the history of tradition and that of modern times in the field of political civilization should be well handled.Chapter six describes the modern evolution of Chinese political civilization from the angle of Chinese and Western civilization. In modern times, western countries created brilliant material civilization, dominating the world's development trend to a large extent, which was realized under the guidance of the splendid spiritual civilization. And this brilliant material civilization in turn forced the spiritual civilization to a further advancement. In the current era of globalization, the west still walks in the forefront of the world with its democracy strongly boosting in the global context, which exerts great influence on the Chinese political civilization particularly since the reform and opening up. Under the grand historical circumstances, the modern evolution of Chinese political civilization calls for proper handling of the relationship between the national and world history so as to better realize China's progress and development.The last part is the conclusion, which summaries the theme of the whole paper.
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