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The Development Process And Contemporary Construction Of The Socialist Core Values

Posted on:2011-04-09Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Science and Value are two different comprehension and interpretation paradigms of the socialism. For a long time, in the research of the traditional theory of socialism, the scientificity of Marxism has drawn much attention, while its valuableness has suffered neglect and avoidance intentionally or unintentionally. This not only causes serious deficiencies in theory, but also leads to major mistakes in practice. Actually, socialism is a kind of theory, a kind of movement, a kind of system, even more a kind of values. The socialist values are the core of the theory, the movement and the system, all of which are pursuit of socialist value and its realization.Socialist values are divided into basic values and core values. Socialist core values hold a dominant place and play a steering role both in the socialist values system and in the Marxist theoretical system, which scientifically answer the fundamental question of "what is socialism" and reveal the essential attribute of socialism from the deepest level. According to the essential provision, the socialist core values have three inherent requirements:Firstly, they hold an important place in scientific socialism theory system which was created by Marx and Engels and later developed by their successors. Secondly, the core values are different from ideas and traditions of various forms of capitalist reformism and the utopia socialism as well as feudal socialism and agricultural socialism in pre-capitalist era. They can reflect the nature of scientific socialism, which is superior to or higher than capitalist core values. Thirdly, the role and influence should be across time and space, representing the direction and the future development of human civilization. Accordingly, in our opinion, the socialist core values should be the ultimate value objective of "human's free comprehensive development" which showed the laws of human development by Marx, who devoted all his life to it. Only "human's free comprehensive development" can live up to the essential provisions of the socialist core values.The development of the socialist core values has experienced a historically changing process, which shows itself from fantasy to science, from theory to practice, from revolution to construction and reform. The warmly yearning and untiring pursuit of equality, labor, happiness and the human's comprehensive development have constituted the essential points of the Utopia socialist value thought; While seeking benefits for the majority, realizing the public equity and human's free comprehensive development have constituted the essence of the scientific socialist values; The socialist values of Former Soviet Union explored the questions of "how to construct socialism", which not only had its theoretical contribution but also had the historical limitation; The Communist Party of China lead the Chinese people to enrich and develop the socialist values in the great practice of carrying on the socialist revolution, construction and reformation. Dealing with the relationship of the value ideal in socialist practice and the realistic basis to realize it is intertwined with the development of socialist values. Along with the development process of socialist values is the historical process of scientificity and valuableness of socialism, socialist values and views of history, from unification to separation and then re-unification.In the 17th National Congress, the Communist Party of China advanced the strategic task of "make great efforts to build the socialist core value system". "The socialist core value system" and "the socialist core values" not only have consistency and homogeneity, but also have emphases and differences. Refining the socialist core values of contemporary China is the important content of constructing the socialist core value system. The socialist core values are divided into "general" and "specific" The "general" of the socialist core value is the ultimate value ideal and objective, which is throughout the development of socialism. At the same time, the "general" of the socialist core values shows the "specific" in different stages of socialist development, namely, specific value pursuit in different stages of socialist development. The "general" of the socialist core values and the "specific" of the socialist core values are integral to each other at various stages of socialist development and the "general" can be expanded or realized finally by the realization and advance of the "specific". If we say that to achieve "human's free comprehensive development" is the "general" of the socialist core values, then, the "specific" of the socialist core values is "people-oriented, common prosperity, equality and justice" which manifests at the very stage of socialism in contemporary China. They are not only the realistic demands of socialism in contemporary China, but also the real expansion and the means of realizing the "general" of the socialist core values. The construction of the socialist core values in contemporary China is the requirement of the times, whose construction needs the theoretical basis and the realistic basis. As far as the theoretical basis is concerned, it is feasible to establish the socialist core values in contemporary China; in terms of the realistic basis, we have already entered the best period in constructing the socialist core values with all kinds of favorable conditions. To construct the socialist core values in contemporary China must reveal the essential characteristics of socialism, and must be rooted in the value reality of the primary stage of socialism and include the basic spirit of advanced culture of socialism in contemporary China. The construction of the socialist core values in contemporary China also needs some historical and realistic resources. In addition to the historical tradition of socialist values, capitalist values, Chinese traditional values and the values triggered by the establishment of the socialist market economy are also important resources of the construction of the socialist core values in contemporary China and the premise of their history and ecology. These values constitute triple dimension of the construction of the socialist core values in contemporary China. The socialist core values in contemporary China also need the universal value identification of the public, so that they can become the leading banner.The socialism development process has displayed its bright prospects. The background of globalization in the new century not only poses a challenge to the socialist core values but also provides an opportunity for their realization. All in all, the prospects of socialist core values are brilliant.
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